Feather Vs Mountain

Feather Vs Mountain
Product information
Type Short story
Author Stephen A. Frabartolo
Pages 13
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 07 November 2010
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 3028
Series Companion story to Rise and Shine

Feather versus Mountain (full title) is a story by Stephan A. Frabartolo that was published online on BattleCorps on 07 November 2010 together with its companion story, Rise and Shine. They were originally conceived as a single story, and were (re-)published in print in the 2019 anthology Kill Zone as a connected story in two parts.

The stories tie into the novel Wolves on the Border in what amounts to an additional chapter, taking a closer look at the events that lead up to the death of Jerry Akuma.

Teaser text[edit]

There are two sides to every conflict, and when the conflagration on An Ting between Wolf's Dragoons and House Kurita spills over into the streets, both sides pay a cost.

Plot summary[edit]

A former MechWarrior from the elite 2nd Sword of Light, Willard Gibbs was dispossessed years ago and is now the local PoliceMech commander on An Ting. Desperate for additional combat assets as his battle with Wolf's Dragoons is turning bad in early 3028, Jerry Akuma strongarms his reluctant former lancemate Gibbs back into service, with himself as his superior officer. The weak 'Mechs under Gibbs' command then become cannon fodder for Akuma while he makes a point of mistreating and humiliating Gibbs, whom he despises.

As a staunch follower of bushido and a loyal samurai of House Kurita, Gibbs is forced to do his hateful master's bidding... to the letter. But the letters of law and the letters of his orders combined turn out to be the opposite of what Akuma thought.

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According to the author, the story is a homage to the (apocryphal) Guardian SecurityMech from BattleTechnology #13, without mentioning it in name. The Guardian's combat history says a company of twelve Guardians were deployed against Wolf's Dragoons on An Ting but ran afoul of infantry ambushes and made a poor showing, losing all but one of their number. The story was inspired by this, but the Guardian could not be used for the story as it was not a canonical 'Mech. Hence, the story's protagonist pilots a quadruped GS-54 Guard (another 15-ton design with machine guns) instead, which is the only 'Mech that is described in detail, and the reader is left to wonder exactly what type of machine-gun toting 15-ton 'Mechs "Guardian Company" was composed of whose annihilation is only indirectly narrated through radio reports in the story where it occurs in much the same fashion as the (apocryphal) company of Guardians was said to have been destroyed in their BattleTechnology writeup.