Federated Industries

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Federated Industries
Company Information
Previous Name(s) Federation National Firearms
Interstellar Company Yes
Primary Products small-arms and personal weapons

Federated Industries (FedArl) is the largest small-arms and personal weapons manufacturer within the Federated Suns.


Founded as Federation National Firearms in 2724, the moderately successful manufacturer of handguns and rifles was attractive enough to be taken over three times, yet never quite profitable enough. After passing to the control of the Yorathil Corporation, the company finally found success when it developed the FNF-LN rifle, the precursor of what is now known as the Federated Long Rifle, with the AFFS Department of the Quartermaster immediately ordering 25,000 of the weapon. Ordering millions more over the next decade as the weapon became the standard long arms of the AFFS infantry, Federated National Firearms borrowed heavily off the strength of its military contracts to construct factories across Davion space. By the time of the Amaris Coup, the company was producing numerous weapons for the AFFS, from pistols to heavy support weaponry.[1]

As with many military manufacturers, the maelstrom of First and Second Succession Wars nearly destroyed the company, with many of its sites raided and bombed even as the AFFS's need for FNF's output grew, with the Federated Suns government contracting with other companies to build the exact weapons FNF designed to meet the shortfall. Slowly recovering by the early decades of the Third Succession War, the now renamed Federated Arms debuted the Federated Long Rifle just as AFFS was looking for a new infantry weapon, securing the company's future anew.[1]

Growing once more into a giant, Federated Arms consumed what remained of the Yorathil Corporation and rebranded itself as Federated Industries, expanding off its Federated Arms and Federated Armor divisions. To these the company added Hurricane Defense Systems in 2948 to construct larger scale weaponry and munitions, giving it a virtual monopoly over small armors and infantry systems manufacture in the Federated Suns. The companies purchase of Personal Defense Contractors in 2993 was more controversial, officially a provider and trainer of corporate security forces but unofficially specializing in providing elite mercenaries to local nobles and other companies to overthrow planetary governments and engage in hostile takeovers.[1]

Hoping to redress its previous failures in laser and advanced weaponry and cash in on the advances unlocked by the New Avalon Institute of Science, the company formed its newest division Federated-Barrett in 3043, an advanced R&D house. The division attracted fame for its development of the infantry scale "Thunderstroke" Gauss Rifle, "Grand Mauler" Gauss Cannon and the Magshot Gauss Rifle, and in 3059 the division also took on responsibility for production of all of Federated Industries' advanced light weaponry.[1]

Thanks to its highly diversified nature, Federated Industries was not only one of the few FedSuns based military manufacturers to escape the worst ravages of the Word of Blake Jihad but was also able to expand, profiting yet again from the increasing needs of the AFFS as the conflict dragged on.[2] The Hurricane Defense subdivision on New Damascus was badly damaged during the Jihad, however; the facilities took ninety percent damage, and a similar proportion of the overall production being lost.[3]

During the Dark Age Federated Industries began the manufacture of a new suit of light powered armor, the PAB-28 Sniper Suit, from their facilities on Novaya Zemlya.[4]


Federated Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

Federated Armor[edit]

Components produced on Carmacks[5]
Component Type
Personal Body Armor [citation needed]

Federated Arms - Federated-Barrett[edit]

Components produced on Novaya Zemlya[6]
Component Type/Typically Used On
Power Armor
PAB-28 Sniper Suit Power Armor (Light)[4]
Federated 5-Shot Bushwacker[7]
Federated 10-Shot Dervish[8][9]
Federated 2-Shot Dervish[10]
Streak SRM-2
Federated SuperStreak Dervish[11]
Targeting-Tracking System
Federated Hunter Enforcer[12][13]

Enforcer III[14]

Federated Hunter Mark II Dervish[15][16]
Federated Hunter Mark VII Osiris[17]
Federated Hunter Mark XX Argus[18]
Federated Hunter Type 3 Sentry[19]
Federated Stalker Sagittaire[20]

Hurricane Defense[edit]

The Hurricane Defense facilities on New Damascus produced a variety of heavy weapons, ammunition and specialized ammunition types. The facilities were located in or around Abbasiyyin on the Qassaa' continent.[21]


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