Federated Suns-Chesterton Trade League Conflict

Federated Suns-Chesterton Trade League Conflict
Part of Age of War
Start Date 2318
End Date 2321
Planet Emerson and Beten Kaitos
Result Federated Suns defeat
Federated Suns
Chesterton Trade Federation
Commanders and leaders
President Lucien Davion

The Federated Suns-Chesterton Trade League Conflict was the Federated Suns' first war with another interstellar nation, which took place between 23182321.

Brief History of the Conflict[edit]

The Muskegon Coalition broke apart when the seven-world nation announced it was joining the Federated Suns. While the world of Muskegon joined the Federated Suns almost flawlessly, the worlds of Emerson and Beten Kaitos chose to join the Chesterton Trade Federation. Those worlds had been ruled by the iron hand of the Achmeed family and wanted nothing to do with their deal with the Davions. The Federated Suns demanded that Emerson and Beten Kaitos follow its leading world and join, but the two worlds ignored the Crucis Pact conference agreement, thrusting the newly-formed Federated Suns into its first interstellar conflict.[1]

When the Tikonov Grand Union sided with Chesterton and reinforced them, Chesterton's forces easily rolled over the Federated Suns troops that went to occupy those worlds. Due to President Lucien Davion poor military leadership and coordination, the conflict ended with Chesterton claiming both worlds after they changed hands several times in the course of the four-year war.[2]


Muskegon's multinational name is never fully given. There are references of being called the Muskegon Empire, and other times referring to it as Muskegon's Coalition. However, "Empire" appears in both Sourcebooks for the FedSuns' history.


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