Federated Suns High Council

Federated Suns High Council
Organization Profile
Parent Organization Federated Suns
Headquarters: New Avalon

The High Council is an assembly of representatives of the member-worlds of the Federated Suns to which the First Prince has to submit his proposals. In reality the High Council is largely a glorified "rubberstamp" organization.[1]

During the years, there have been several events that have been decided or had impact on the High Council:

  • When Alexander Davion found himself named heir to the Federated Suns at the age of just five years, the High Council named five regents to oversee the Federated Suns until Alexander reached the age of majority; these regents included his aunts, Laura Davion and Cassandra Davion, Cassandra's husband David Varnay, and General Nikolai Rostov, Prince of the Terran March.[2]
  • Following the death of Dowager Princess Carmen Davion in 2518, Varnay began purging the High Council of moderates and of Laura's supporters. In 2521 Varnay missed a critical vote of the Regency Council, absent seeking military glory on the Capellan front. In his absence, Laura proposed that Rostov be elected First Marshal of the Federated Suns, reestablishing their alliance.
  • When Henry Davion stepped down from serving as the New Avalon representative to the High Council in 2575 Lawrence took his seat, and by 2577 was elected to the position of President of the council. While the High Council had little political power compared to the position of First Prince, it exerted substantial influence over the Federated Suns' commerce and trade, and was extensively populated by members of the most prominent business and political families within the Suns. Displaying both his father's negotiating skills and charm along with a self-deprecating manner that helped keep opponents off-guard, by the time Lawrence stepped down from the High Council in 2585 he had built a series of friends, contacts and networked connections that would serve him well throughout the rest of his life; Lawrence was replaced on the council by Ian Davion, the son of Lawrence's step-brother Vincent.[2][3]
  • Paul Davion made a number of reforms to the Federated Suns, centralizing authority under himself by assuming the title Duke of New Avalon, previously a courtesy title held by the heir of the First Lord of the Star League that had accumulated over time the power to summon or dismiss the High Council, to award titles and ownership of several young colonies that were in some cases now self-sufficient and ready for full membership in the Federated Suns. With this new authority, Paul became a literal feudal lord, awarding titles and riches upon his followers. He also founded the Ministry of Intelligence Investigations and Operations to replace the discredited previous Military Intelligence organization.[4]


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