Felix Calderon

Felix Calderon
Character Profile
Affiliation House Calderon
Parents Thomas Calderon (father)
Katherine Calderon (mother)
Siblings Edward Calderon
Ian Calderon
Janice Calderon
Jeffrey Calderon
Children Richard Calderon


Early Life & Career[edit]

Felix Calderon was the fourth child of Thomas Calderon and his wife Katherine Calderon. He was born after Janice Calderon and Ian Calderon but before Jeffrey Calderon, putting his year of birth between 3020 and 3027. The position of heir apparent fell to Felix after his sister Janice contracted the Brisbane Virus[1][2] in 3038[2] and his elder brother Ian abandoned the Concordat in 3042[1][2] to pursue a career as a mercenary in the Green Mountain Boys.[2]

Felix was a quiet young man who shunned the public spotlight. As the fourth child Felix had never expected to assume the rulership of the Concordat,[1][2] and had devoted most of his life to the study of science and navigation.[1] He loved exploration and dreamed of leading an exploratory mission into uncharted space.[1][2] Despite his distaste of governing, Felix bowed to his father's wishes and attempted to fill his elder siblings' shoes. However, he found it impossible to give up what Thomas termed his 'foolish schoolboy notions' of exploring deep space.[1] In 3046, on a star mapping mission near the farthest reaches of the Concordat, Felix's JumpShip disappeared. Speculation ran rampant that he had left the Concordat to escape his duties, for which he was singularly ill suited.[1][2]

Later Life & Child[edit]

Felix was not dead nor did he stay lost. After Jeffrey Calderon's death Lorelei Centrella searched the space where he had been reported missing, and found a Deep Periphery outpost. There she discovered that Felix had had a son, Richard Calderon. [3] Though both Lorelei and Richard were killed in a pirate attack, no record of other children, or even who Felix married was given. It was only implied that there were no other heirs, not that Felix himself was dead.


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