Feral Penance

Feral Penance
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The Feral Penance was a DropShip in service with Clan Wolf in the late thirty-first century. On the 10th of April 3072 with the invasion of the Clan Wolf occupation zone in the Inner Sphere by Clan Hell's Horses in full swing, the Feral Penance was in action in the Clan Homeworlds. The Feral Penance landed on Strana Mechty, deploying the First Wolf Lancers Cluster under the command of Star Colonel Ygrane Fetladral; the First Wolf Lancers worked with the assistance of Clan Wolf scientists to gather up all of the genetic stock of the Bloodnames exclusive to Clan Wolf. The First Wolf Lancers were under strict instruction from Khan Vlad Ward and were careful in executing their duty, which ensured that few of the other Clans discovered what was happening until late in the day.[1]

The First Wolf Lancers managed to remove almost all of the Wolf-exclusive genetic material from the Blood Chapels and the master genetic laboratory before boarding the Feral Penance and begun preparations to take off. The Grand Council, alerted to what was happening, issued a direct order to the Feral Penance to stand down. The Feral Penance defied that order, firing her engines up, while Colonel Fetladral issued a terse and defiant message in response to the Council order. The Grand Council was unwilling to order the other Clan vessels gathering nearby to engage the Feral Penance, which launched into orbit and rendezvoused with the Black Lion-class battlecruiser CWS Stealthy Kill.[1]

The Stealthy Kill and her precious cargo jumped out of the Strana Mechty system, arriving soon after in the Tranquil system, where she waited long enough to unload the better part of three Clusters of solahma warriors who wished to remain in the Homeworlds, before leaving for the Inner Sphere. The repercussions of the actions conducted by the Wolves soon echoed throughout Clan society; Star Captain Dale Hoskins of Clan Steel Viper executed the remaining Wolf geneticists at the Blood Chapels out of hand, an action that prompted nearby Clan Blood Spirit warriors to declare a Trial of Grievance for the breach of protocol. Hoskins' subsequent execution of the Blood Spirit warriors without even the pretense of a Trial began a series of violent clashes between various Clans at levels from the warrior caste down to the laborer caste, clashes that soon became a wave of violence that would inflict considerable damage on the city of Katyusha.[1]


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