Ferris Collective

Ferris Collective
State Profile
Founding Year March 3087[1]
Capital world: Ferris[2]
Controlled system(s): 4[2]
Head of State Emperor Ned Piggot (in 3086)[2]

The Ferris Collective is a microstate in the Barrens region.


The population of Ferris was incited by apparently neglect and disinterest to rebel against their masters in Clan Hell's Horses[2]. Having resorted to violence in an attempt to demand more resources and attention[2], the rebels were shocked when in 3083 the Horses instead declared their intention to pull out of the Barrens region altogether[2], a promise they made good on by 3086[2]. The sole surviving rebel leader, Ned Piggot, crowned himself Emperor in that year[2]. Alarmed by Clan support for the nearby Republic of the Barrens[2], Piggot set off in the Collective's sole JumpShip, alongside a battalion of tanks and infantry, to claim the nearby Elysian Fields worlds of Elissa[2], Manaringaine[2] and Nyserta[2], facing no immediate resistance[2]. Ferris has attempted to attract migrants from the Inner Sphere and aggressively exploit its new colonies' resources in an attempt to gain the assets Piggot believes the Collective needs to fend off external aggression[2].


The Collective imports surplus equipment from the Draconis Combine[2] and Lyran Commonwealth[2]. However, the Collection's buying power is limited, and both states have refused to sell Ferris BattleMechs[2].


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