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Ferro-Fibrous Armor

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Ferro-Fibrous Armor


Ferro-Fibrous armor (FF) is a special type of armor used by vehicles and BattleMechs. Utilizing a weave of ferro-steel, ferro-titanium, and diamond weave fibers which boosts the tensile strength of the plating,[1][2] it provides more protection per ton than standard armor (12% for Inner Sphere FF, 20% for Clan FF), but takes up more space on the 'Mech or vehicle (14 critical slots for Inner Sphere, 16 for prototype Inner Sphere, and 7 for Clan 'Mechs; two slots for Inner Sphere vehicles (three for prototype IS), one for Clan). The maximum amount of protection is not changed; merely the weight of armor required to achieve that level of protection. For a unit which already has maximum armor protection, it is therefore considered a weight-saving measure, at the cost of critical space. The weight savings for Endo Steel are greater than those saved by ferro-fibrous armor, but it is more costly and obviously more difficult to repair or add as an upgrade to a 'Mech.

First developed by the Terran Hegemony as a prototype in 2557[3] and mass produced in 2571,[1] Ferro-Fibrous armor was lost to the Inner Sphere during the Succession Wars. The Draconis Combine was the first to recreate it in 3040.[1] Later, the Free Worlds League and Lyran Alliance would develop Light and Heavy versions of Ferro-Fibrous armor.[1]

Game Rules[edit]

Ferro-Fibrous Armor does not suffer from critical hits; any rolls upon a space occupied by any type of Ferro-Fibrous should be rerolled.[4]

FF Armor is a Standard Rules piece of Equipment under the current system and was Rules Level 2 under the previous system. Armor of this type produced in the Inner Sphere has a Technology Rating of E while Clan produced armor has a Technology Rating of F. As with all combat vehicle armor types Ferro-Fibrous is assumed to have a Barrier Rating of 10.


Ferro-Fibrous armor is manufactured on the following planets:

Inner Sphere Armor Types[edit]

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Aldis Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Kendall
Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation
Aldis Industries
HRC-LS-9000 Hercules
Behemoth II Heavy Tank
ArcShield Maxi IV Ferro-Fibrous Panpour Jalastar Aerospace Typhoon Urban Assault Vehicle [7]
Durallex Light Ferro-Fibrous New Syrtis
Johnston Industries
Gibson Federated BattleMechs
Defiance Industries
Taurus Territorial Industries
Shipped to Federated Commonwealth for Wasp
Maultier Hover APC
[citation needed]
[citation needed]
Durallex Super Medium Ferro-Fibrous Quentin
Hesperus II
Independence Weaponry
Defiance Industries
Taurus Territorial Industries
Shipped to Luthien for Wolf Trap/TSH-7S Tai-Sho/TSN-1C Tessen/JagerMech III
[citation needed]
[citation needed]
Forging AM15[14] Twycross
Trellshire Heavy Industries
Manufacturing Plant SFF-NG1
Manufacturing Plant SFF-SH2
??? [citation needed]
Forging FF01 Ferro-Fibrous Strato Domingo Auxiliary Production Site 4 ??? [citation needed]
Forging ZK11 Ferro-Fibrous Strato Domingo Auxiliary Production Site 4 ??? [citation needed]
Forging X85 Ferro-Fibrous Huntress Phan Industrial Complex ??? [citation needed]
Glasgow Limited Primo Ferro-Fibrous Hesperus II Defiance Industries ??? [citation needed]
Hellespont Lite Ferro-Fibrous Sian Hellespont 'Mech Works ??? [citation needed]
Jolassa-328 Ferro-Fibrous Umka
Adam Tech Industries
??? [citation needed]
Kallon FWL Special Ferro-Fibrous Gibson
Gibson Federated BattleMechs
Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited
Kallon Industries
??? [citation needed]
Kallon Light Ferro-Fibrous Thermopolis Kallon Industries ??? [citation needed]
Kallon Unity Weave Ferro-Fibrous Kirklin/Nanking/Wernke/Loyalty
Kallon Industries
Red Devil Industries
??? [citation needed]
Krupp 200 Ferro-Fibrous Terra Krupp Armament Works ??? [citation needed]
Krupp Draco-100 Ferro-Fibrous Terra Krupp Armament Works ??? [citation needed]
Lexington Ltd. High Grade Ferro-Fibrous Oliver
Quikscell Company
Coventry Metal Works
??? [citation needed]
Mk. VI Ferro-Fibrous Arcadia Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-T4 ??? [citation needed]
New Samarkand Royal Ferro-Fibrous New Samarkand New Samarkand Metals ??? [citation needed]
Norse-34 Ferro-Fibrous Loxley Blue Shot Weapons ??? [citation needed]
Paulina Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Hesperus II Defiance Industries ??? [citation needed]
Protec 12 Ferro-Fibrous Al Na'ir Scarborough Manufacturers ??? [citation needed]
Ryerson 250 X-Blend Ferro-Fibrous Pinard Vandenberg Mechanized Industries ??? [citation needed]
StarGuard 3056 Ferro-Fibrous Terra Homer ??? [citation needed]
StarGuard CIV Ferro-Fibrous New Avalon
Achernar BattleMechs/Corean Enterprises
Kallon Industries
??? [citation needed]
Starshield Ferro-Fibrous Marduk Victory - (Norse BattleMech Works) ??? [citation needed]
StarSlab 511 Ferro-Fibrous Gienah Gienah Combat Vehicles ??? [citation needed]
StarSlab-1 Ferro-Fibrous Ruchbah
Canopus IV
Michaelson Heavy Industries
Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
Alliance Mining and Geology
??? [citation needed]
StarSlab-4 Ferro-Fibrous Hesperus II Defiance Industries ??? [citation needed]
Valiant Gauntlet Ferro-Fibrous Carlisle Bergan Industries ??? [citation needed]
Valiant Scutum Ferro-Fibrous Robinson Valiant Systems ??? [citation needed]


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