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Ferro-fibrous armor

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Ferro-fibrous armor


Ferro-fibrous armor (FF) is a special type of protective covering used by vehicles and BattleMechs. Utilizing a weave of ferro-steel, ferro-titanium, and diamond weave fibers which boosts the tensile strength of the plating,[1][2] it provides more protection per ton than standard armor (12% for Inner Sphere FF, 20% for Clan FF), but takes up more space on the 'Mech or vehicle (14 critical slots for Inner Sphere, 16 for prototype Inner Sphere, and 7 for Clan 'Mechs; two slots for Inner Sphere vehicles (three for prototype IS), one for Clan). The maximum amount of protection is not changed; merely the weight of armor required to achieve that level of protection. For a unit which already has maximum armor protection, it is therefore considered a weight-saving measure, at the cost of critical space. The weight savings for Endo Steel are greater than those saved by ferro-fibrous armor, but it is more costly and obviously more difficult to repair or add as an upgrade to a 'Mech.

First developed by the Terran Hegemony as a prototype in 2557[3] and mass produced in 2571,[1] ferro-fibrous armor was lost to the Inner Sphere during the Succession Wars. The Draconis Combine was the first to recreate it in 3040.[1] Later, the Free Worlds League and Lyran Alliance would develop light and heavy versions of ferro-fibrous armor.[1]


Standard ferro-fibrous armor is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Arcadia Compound Delta VII Arcadia Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-T15 Highlander IIC, Mongrel (Grendel) [4][5][6]
ArcShield Max III Advanced Betelgeuse Aldis Industries Behemoth II [7]
ArcShield Maxi IV Panpour Jalastar Aerospace Typhoon Urban Assault Vehicle [8]
Compound Alpha Huntress Abysmal Manufacturing Complex Horned Owl [9]
Compound Alpha Irece Barcella Beta Sekhmet, Cizin [10][11]
Advanced Compound Beta Irece Barcella Beta Joust [12]
Compound 2110 Irece Barcella Beta Odin [13]
Compound CL20 Tamaron Ashton 'Mech Production Complex Rabid Coyote [14]
Compound H17 Arcadia Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-03 Mist Lynx [15]
Compound H17 Irece Barcella Beta Shadow Cat [16][17]
Compound H18 Babylon Babylon MechWorks V Uller [18][19]
Compound SJ6CW Arcadia Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-03 Mad Dog [17]
Durallex Super Medium Quentin Independence Weaponry Shipped to Luthien for Wolf Trap, TSH-7S Tai-Sho, TSN-1C Tessen, and JagerMech III [20][21][22][23]
Durallex Super Medium Hesperus II Defiance Industries Hatchetman [24]
Durallex Super Medium Taurus Taurus Territorial Industries Marshal [25]
Forging AM15 Twycross Trellshire Heavy Industries Phoenix Hawk IIC, Kite, Cardinal [26][27][28]
Forging AM15 Ingersoll Manufacturing Plant SFF-NG1 Kite [27]
Forging AM15 Shimonita Manufacturing Plant SFF-SH2 Kite [27]
Forging X85 Huntress Phan Industrial Complex Warhawk (Masakari) [29]
Glasgow Limited Primo Hesperus II Defiance Industries Zeus [24]
Jolassa-328 Umka Kerr-McGinniss Hermes,Thunderbolt [30]
Jolassa-328 Abadan Adam Tech Industries HVC-P6 Havoc [31]
Kallon FWL Special Gibson Gibson Federated BattleMechs Locust, Buccaneer [32][33]
Kallon FWL Special Tematagi Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited Spider, Venom [34][35]
Kallon Unity Weave Thermopolis Kallon Industries Shipped to Federated Commonwealth for Axman and Wolverine [36]
Kallon Unity Weave Kirklin Kallon Industries Challenger X [37]
Kallon Unity Weave Talon Kallon Industries JagerMech, JagerMech III [38][39]
Kallon Unity Weave Loyalty Kallon Industries Partisan AA Vehicle [40]
Krupp 155 Terra Krupp Armament Works Ostscout 11J [41]
Krupp 200 Terra Krupp Armament Works Nyx [42]
Krupp Draco-100 Terra Krupp Armament Works Pinto [43]
Lexington Ltd. High Grade Richvale Quikscell Company Ontos [44]
Lexington Ltd. High Grade Coventry Coventry Metal Works Commando, Vulcan, Hussar, STO-4A Stiletto, STO-6S Stiletto, Blitzkrieg, Hollander [45][45][46][47][48][49][50]
Mk. VI Arcadia Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-T4 Hellfire [51]
New Samarkand Royal New Samarkand New Samarkand Metals Shipped to Luthien for Jenner, Charger and Mauler [52]
Norse-34 Loxley Blue Shot Weapons Starslayer [53]
Protec 12 Al Na'ir Scarborough Manufacturers Pegasus, Schiltron [54][55]
StarGuard 3056 Terra Blankenburg Technologies Grim Reaper [56]
StarGuard CIV (w/CASE) Kallon Weapon Industries Wernke HNT-171 Hornet [57]
StarSlab-1 Ferro-Fibrous Ruchbah Michaelson Heavy Industries Sprint [58][59]
StarSlab-1 Ferro-Fibrous Canopus IV Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Condor [60]
StarSlab-1 Ferro-Fibrous Sevon Alliance Mining and Geology Locust, Stinger, Wasp [61]
StarSlab-4 Hesperus II Defiance Industries Gürteltier [62]
StarSlab-9.5 Mk II Pandora Red Devil Industries Condor [63][64]


  • This article refers to a common object and addresses the object as a common noun. The preferred term is "ferro-fibrous armor" (except on section titles & table headings, where "Ferro-fibrous Armor" is favored).


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