Field Artillery


Field Artillery, in its present form was introduced around 2200. It consists of artillery pieces that are towed into battle by mechanized conventional infantry. As their primary purpose is to provide indirect fire support, and lacking the armored protection of self-propelled artillery, they are rarely used directly on the front lines.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

Arrow IV, Long Tom, Sniper, Thumper and Artillery Cannons may be taken as field artillery and follow all the same rules. Only wheeled or tracked-based mechanized infantry may be equipped with field artillery. Each piece requires a number of crew equal to its weight in tonnage to operate or the equipment is considered destroyed.[1] Unlike a Field Gun, which can be fired in any direction, as long as the unit hasn't moved that turn, Field Artillery units have a single arc of fire within their front 30°, they cannot turn their weapon, and fire it in the same turn.


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