Field Inhibitor


Particle Projector Cannons are equipped with a Field Inhibitor to prevent feedback which could damage the firing unit's electronic systems.[1][2] This inhibitor degrades the performance of the weapon at close ranges of less than 90 meters. Particularly daring warriors have been known to disengage the inhibitor and risk damage to their own machine when a target is at close range. [3]

Some inhibitors can degrade the performance of a PPC so much that it renders the weapon little more than a "light show", this is a common practice on Solaris VII.[4]


The Field Inhibitor is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
R-4721 PPC Inhibitor  ???  ???  ??? [citation needed]


Game Rules[edit]

In the Tactical Handbook, a PPC Field Inhibitor could be disabled by a player before firing. This allowed the unit to fire a PPC at units inside the minimum range. The normal minimum range modifiers were then ignored. The to hit rolls were resolved as normal, but the controlling player had to roll 2D6 to determine if the PPC exploded due to feedback. If the target was 1 hex away, the firing unit had to roll a 10 or more to avoid the explosion. A target at 2 hexes away required a roll of 6 or higher, and a target 3 hexes away needed a roll of 3 or more. A successful roll indicated no damage occurred to the unit firing the PPC.

If the firing player failed to get the roll needed, the PPC was immediately destroyed and critical slots for the PPC were crossed off the record sheet. The firing unit also took ten points of damage to the internal structure of the location housing the PPC.[2]


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