Field Manual: Crusader Clans

Field Manual: Crusader Clans
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Bryan Nystul
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills
Loren L. Coleman
Chris Hartford
Christopher Hussey
Christoffer Trossen
Pages 200
Cover Artwork Mike Sutfin
Illustrations Joel Biske
Fred Hooper
Scott James
Lewis LaRosa
Jeff Laubenstein
Dave Martin
Brad McDevitt
Jim Nelson
Loston Wallace
Sam Wood
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1706
First published 1998
ISBN-10 1555603432
Era Clan Invasion era
Series Field Manuals
Preceded by Field Manual: Mercenaries
Followed by Field Manual: Warden Clans


The fourth book in the Field Manual series, Field Manual: Crusader Clans details the toumans and notable personalities of the seven crusader Clans, Blood Spirit, Fire Mandrill, Hell's Horses, Ice Hellion, Jade Falcon, Star Adder, and Clan Wolf. In addition, the history of many of these Clans are detailed for the first time (the Falcons and Wolves did not get the full treatment, since they already had their own sourcebooks).

The rigidity of the Clan social structure does not permit much flexibility, so there are no new RPG rules for characters, but there are plenty for BattleTech. FM:CC saw two new types of battle armor, Gnome and Salamander, as well as a new class of laser; the heavy laser (which comes in small, medium, and large). To mount these weapons, FM:CC also introduced three new 'Mechs, the Blood Kite, Hellfire, and Hellion.

Field Manual: Crusader Clans is the companion sourcebook of Field Manual: Warden Clans. The trademarked title is BattleTech Field Manual: Crusader Clans.

From the back cover[edit]

Nearly three hundred years ago, the Star League was torn apart when the lies and deceits of the petty House Lords launched the Inner Sphere into endless war. The Great Father Aleksandr Kerensky led our forefathers, the remnants of the righteous Star League army, away from that chaotic despotism. In turn, his son Nicholas forged us into the Clans: a society dedicated to becoming the greatest fighting force in all of history. We grew stronger with each generation, awaiting the day when we would return to the Inner Sphere to save it from itself.

Now is the time of the Return. Some among the Clans oppose the Crusaders' campaign of conquest, but we know that true enlightenment can only come to the misguided rabble of the Successor States through total subjugation. We will crush their honorless armies with our OmniMechs and plant the flag of the Clans on sacred Terra. Only then will the true Star League have returned to the Inner Sphere.

Lincoln Osis, ilKhan of the Clans

The first of two volumes on the Clans, Field Manual: Crusader Clans describes the seven most aggressive Clans: Blood Spirit, Fire Mandrill, Hell's Horses, Ice Hellion, Jade Falcon, Star Adder and Wolf. This sourcebook describes the tactics, uniforms and battle histories of each Clan, plus special rules that reflect the unique capabilities of each Galaxy, new weapons, equipment, exclusive Crusader BattleMechs® and more.


The Call of Glory (short story)

Kerensky's Vision
The Crusade
A Call to Arms
Clan Blood Spirit
Clan Fire Mandrill
Clan Hell's Horses
Clan Ice Hellion
Clan Jade Falcon
Clan Star Adder
Clan Wolf
Martial Assets
'Mech Assets
Aerospace Assets
Armor Assets
Infantry Assets
Organizational Doctrine
Raw Strength
Martial Aesthetics
Ranks and Insignia
Decorations and Awards
Formal Rituals
Martial Practices
Training Facilities
Primary Facilities
Secondary Facilities
The True Path: History of Clan Blood Spirit
Fool's Gold
Fire from Heaven
Enter the Raven
A Fateful Error
Future Plans
Ways of the Spirit
Unit Structure
Command Structure
Military Practices
Uniforms and Insignia
Field Uniform
Dress Uniform
Ceremonial Uniform
Notable Warriors
Khan Karianna Schmitt
SaKhan Troy Boques
Loremaster Bayle Campbell
Fire Mandrill ilChi Jas Keller
Snow Raven ilChi Bri McFadden
Blood Guard Keshik and the Naval Reserve
Alpha Galaxy: The Blooding
Omega Galaxy: The Sanguine Reavers
Omicron Provisional Galaxy
Sigma Provisional Galaxy
Tau Provisional Galaxy
Upsilon Provisional Galaxy
A Narrative on the Fire Mandrills
The Three First Families
The Pentagon Crucible
Evolution of the Kindraa
Striking from Solitude
Death of a Kindraa
Frustrations of Factionalism
Tales of Glory, Ashes of Defeat
Reemergence of the Fire Mandrills
Military Practices and Customs
Fire Mandrill Kindraa
Kindraa Sainze
Kindraa Faraday-Tanaga
Kindraa Payne
Kindraa Mattila-Carrol
Kindraa Beyl-Grant
Kindraa Kline
Kindraa Mick-Kreese (Goulet)
Force Strength
Naval Assets
Colors, Insignia and Ritual
Uniforms and Insignia
Rituals, Decorations, and Awards
Clan Leadership and Ristars
Khan Amanda Carrol
SaKhan Garret Sainze
Ristar Darryl of the Paynes
Kindraa Sainze
Kindraa Faraday-Tanaga
Kindraa Payne
Kindraa Mattila-Carrol
Kindraa Beyl-Grant
Kindraa Kline
Kindraa Mick-Kreese


The Long Trail: History of the Horses
The Pentagon Campaign
Golden Century
Hell's Fury
The Horse and the Bear
Hearing the Crusaders' Call
Current Events
Hell's Horsemen
Organizational Doctrine
Insignia and Uniforms
Rank Insignia
Ristars of Hell's Horses
Khan Malavai Fletcher
SaKhan Tanya DeLaurel
Star Colonel James Cobb
Hell's Keshiks
Alpha Galaxy: Stampede of Steel
Beta Galaxy: The Apocalypse
Gamma Galaxy: The Bloodriders
Delta Galaxy: The Lightning Riders
Epsilon Galaxy: The Stonewall Brigade
Zeta Galaxy: Wrath From Heaven
Eta Galaxy : The Shadow Riders
Theta Galaxy: Hell's Stormtroopers
Iota Galaxy: Ninth Ring of Hell
The Tale of the Quick
Forged in Ice and Snow
Trial by Fire
Building the Clan
Fall from Grace
Golden Rebirth
Secret Trial
Hellion's Fury
Calm after the Storm
Dream Destroyed
Wolf Trap
More Threats
Hellion's Claws
Chain of Comman
Unit Designations
Battle Philosophy
Regarding Freeborns
Schooling the Whelps
Regarding Sibkos
Trials of Position
Military Assets
'Mech Assets
Aerospace Assets
Infantry Assets
Naval Assets
Field Uniforms
Dress Uniforms
Remembrance Bar
Cage's Clasp
Notable Warriors
Khan Asa Taney
SaKhan Sellen Cage
Star Captain Connor Rood
Alpha Galaxy: The Blinding Keshik
Beta Galaxy: The Lithe Kill
Delta Galaxy: Dauntless Hunters
Zeta Galaxy: Guardians of the Lair
Zeta Prime Galaxy: Freeborne Fanaticism
Theta Galaxy: Caste Saviors
Falcon's Sight: History of Clan Jade Falcon
Hatchling Years
Cleaning the Nest
Taking Wing
Stooping on the Wolf
Sharpening the Talons
Power Games
Falcon Rising
Military Practices and Customs
Unit Structure
Command Structure
Battlefield Practices
Uniforms and Insignia
Combat Dress
Field Uniform
Dress Uniform
Rank Insignias
Notable Warriors
Senior Khan Marthe Pryde
SaKhan Samantha Clees
Loremaster Kael Pershaw
Turkina Keshik
Gamma Galaxy: Jade Falcon Galaxy
Delta Galaxy: Gyrfalcon Galaxy
Omega Galaxy
Rho Galaxy
Iota Galaxy
Epsilon Galaxy
Mu Galaxy
Lambda Galaxy
Sigma Galaxy: Turkina's Eyes
Zeta Galaxy: Turkina's Beak
History of the Star Adder
Early Efforts
Growing Up
Into the Golden Century
Change in the Wind
The Invasion Years
Outlook for the Future
The Adder's Den
Chain of Command
The Warrior's Way
The Fighting Arm
Uniforms and Insignia
Leaders of Clan Star Adder
Khan Cassius N'Buta
SaKhan Tabitha Paik
Loremaster Dagmar Lahiri
Adder Keeper Stanislov
Clan Star Adder Command (Adder Command Keshik, Quasar Keshik)
Alpha Galaxy: Old Blood and Guts
Gamma Galaxy: Blood Feud
Delta Galaxy: Thunderstrike
Epsilon Galaxy: Night Terrors
Kappa Provisional Galaxy
Mu Provisional Galaxy
Xi Provisional Galaxy
Omicron Provisional Galaxy
Rho Provisional Galaxy
Sigma Provisional Galaxy
Tau Provisional Galaxy
Historical Data
The Founding
The Golden Century
The Call to Invade
The Invasion
The Refusal War
The New Breed
Unlikely Allies and New Enemies
Force Strength
Naval Assets
Strategies, Tactics, and Military Practices
Colors, Insignia, and Rituals
Clan Wolf Leadership and Ristars
Khan Vladimir Ward
SaKhan Marialle Radick
Loremaster Katya Kerensky
Alpha Galaxy: The Wolf Spirits
Beta Galaxy: The Shadow Wolves
Gamma Galaxy: The Wolf Hussars
Delta Galaxy: The Snarling Wolves
Theta Galaxy: A Strong Foundation
Iota Galaxy: Down to the Bones
Creating Scenarios
Scenario Type
Selecting Mapsheets
Unit Generation
Force Composition
Assigning 'Mechs
Experience Level and Skills
Finishing Touches
Crusader Touman
Clan Honor
Using Hidden Units Rules
Overlapping Abilities and Advantages
Forcing the Initiative
Off-Map Movement
Overrun Combat
BattleForce 2 Command Lists
Clan Blood Spirit
Clan Fire Mandrill
Clan Hell's Horses
Clan Ice Hellion
Clan Jade Falcon
Clan Star Adder
Clan Wolf
Crusader Battle Armor
Gnome Battle Armor
Salamander Battle Armor
New Equipment
Heavy Lasers
New 'Mechs
Blood Kite