50th Shadow Division

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50th shadow div.png
50th Shadow Division
Nickname Eligos' Hell Knights
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Shadow Divisions

Unit Description[edit]

The Fiftieth Shadow Division first appeared a few years after the Jihad began. The unit was rumored to have been formed to fight the Clans. The unit's soldiers are cybernetically enhanced soldiers of the Word of Blake known as Manei Domini.



The 50th conducted lightning raids against the worlds of Son Hoa and Khon Kaen, focusing on capturing equipment and causing chaos in their strikes. The unit mysteriously avoided damaging the local factories.[1] In the raid against Son Hoa they engaged the Devil's Brigade and routed them. That action granted them three months of StarCorps' factory output.[2]



The division was sent to reinforce the captured Lyran world of Donegal, taking over for the 2nd Division when information leaked that Allied forces would attempt to retake it.[3] The Hell Knights focused their attacks against both Precentor Martial Victor Steiner-Davion's ComStar and the Clan forces, ComStar's 116th Division and the 1st Wolf Legion,[4] inflicting heavy damage. However, after the 18th Division suffered increasing losses from Lyran units, and because the Fiftieth division fixated solely on Com Guard and Clan targets first, the Fiftieth were forced onto the defensive and pushed back, eventually withdrawing from the world.[5]

Raiding to Resupply[edit]

Two weeks after losing control of Donegal, the Fiftieth arrived on the semi-secured world of Coventry. From here, the unit conducted further raids to resupply their matériel needs. The units raided Lyran worlds of Guatavita and Krievci.


The Division conducted a series of raids against a number of Lyran worlds, inflicting heavy losses on the Lyran forces on Atocongo and staging a devastating assault against the 1st Kell Hounds Regiment on New Exford. After first smashing through the Hounds' ad hoc aerospace defenses, the Fiftieth completely destroyed the Hound's 2nd Battalion as it attempted to out flank the Blakist unit. The Fiftieth sent its "head hunter" units behind the Hounds' lines and killed the regiment's acting commanding officer, Christian Kell, with the demoralized mercenaries suffering 70% casualties after the loss of their commander.[6]

In December, the division took heavy damage on Bountiful Harvest while fighting Clan Wolf-in-Exile forces.[7][8]


The unit again staged a series of raids against the Lyran worlds of Son Hoa, Stantsiya, and Kamenz, before briefly occupying the world of Bolan in July. The 50th controlled the Quetta City State on Bolan until mid-September, when the Division left Bolan suddenly, taking thousands of prisoners away with them.[9][10] The Fiftieth was dispatched to Gallery where it was used to counter increased terrorist activities on that world.


The 50th began 3075 by raiding the Lyran world of Aur on the 27th of January, shattering the Edasich Motors factory located there.[10][11]

On 6 June 3075, the unit raided New Hume masquerading as Lyran forces and with carefully staged massacres purged the unreliable elements from the New Home Protectorate Militia, though it weakened the world's defenses.[12]


When Precentor Manei Domini Apollyon delivered a message to Prince Titus Cameron-Jones on Regulus on the 30th of March 3076 advising the Prince against any form of "military adventurism", the 50th were with Apollyon.[13][14]

The last known location of the 50th was New Earth, but the Division is reported as Missing in Action during the end of the Jihad.[15]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 50th Division
Precentor Omega Eligos 3073[16]


Assault & Raiding.




The 50th Shadow Division is considered Elite unit, with equipment heavy upgraded assets.[17]


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