Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers
Product information
Type Scenario
Pages 1
Publication information
Publisher WizKids
First published July 2006
Era Dark Age era
Series MWDA Scenarios
Preceded by A Matter of Honor (Scenario)
Followed by The Dragon! The Dragon!!

Finders Keepers is an official scenario pack for the MechWarrior: Dark Age (MWDA) Clix game, containing a single scenario. It was first published through the now defunct LinkNet website that WizKids maintained in support of their MechWarrior: Dark Age game line, to support organised play and tournaments.


The Capellan Confederation returns to Shensi once more to take back what’s theirs and to reincorporate their secret supply caches from long ago. They arrive only to encounter a substantial Bannson's Raiders force attempting to do the same. Valuable assets are on the line ... whose will they become?

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