Finmark Air and Space Academy

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Finmark Air and Space Academy
Academy Information
Location Finmark
Founding Year Star League era
Course Information
WarShip Ca. 2650-2765

The Finmark Air and Space Academy was a Rim Worlds Republic naval officer training academy during the Star League era.[1]


The Finmark Air and Space Academy - or FASA - was founded during the twenty-seventh century to provide training to the naval officer corps of the Rim Worlds Republic. Whilst the pre-eminent military academy within the Republic was undoubtedly the Apollo Military Academy on Apollo, FASA was considered the most notable of the lesser academies within the Republic.[1]

Constructed in high orbit above the planet Finmark, the administrative capital of the Finmark Province of the Republic, FASA graduated hundreds of new officers a year. FASA underwent a substantial expansion shortly before the Star League Defense Force was ordered to withdraw the Twentieth Army from the Republic in 2755; that upgrade to the academy was sufficient to allow FASA to accommodate over a dozen WarShips at a time, and reports a decade later suggested that FASA was graduating almost three hundred recruits a year and expected to increase the graduation class size further still.[1]


Military courses offered by FASA were known to include a comprehensive WarShip program.[1]



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