Firedrake Support Needler (Battle Armor)

BA - Firedrake Needler.png
Firedrake Support Needler
Production information
Type Needler
Tech Base IS
Year Availability 3061 (LA)
Technology Rating D
Availability Ratings X/X/C
Technical specifications
Damage 1
Minimum Range 0
Short Range 1
Medium Range 2
Long Range 3
Mass 50 kg
Critical Slots 1
Mass Per Reload .16kg (30)
Cost (unloaded) 1,500
BV (2.0) 2[1]
Ammo BV (2.0) 0[1]


The "Firedrake" Support Needler is a type of needler, a projectile weapon which sprays a cloud of deadly flechettes capable of tearing through personal body armor and flesh. These types of weapons historically lacked the ability to penetrate armor, limiting them to an anti-personnel role in close quarters combat and space boarding missions. In 3061 however Mauser & Gray Firearms introduced a new infantry support weapon, the Firedrake Support Needler, which was larger, more powerful, and fired ammunition which ignited upon contact with the air. Though still lacking in ability to deal with other armored targets the sheer utility of this weapon found it being converted for mounting on battle armor, and the design first debuted on the Rottweiler in 3065. Compared to the infantry support model, Firedrakes mounted on Battle Armor are of larger size and bulk to allow for extra mountings and ammunition.[2][3]


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