Firmir Weaponry

Firmir Weaponry
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Company Logo
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Previous Name(s) Firmir Commercial
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Betelgeuse
Primary Products Weapons

Firmir Weaponry is a Capellan Confederation based manufacturer of civilian and military laser systems.


Founded on 27 February 2340, Firmir Commercial was a manufacturer of medical, scientific and consumer electronic products, particularly for entertainment systems.[1][2] With a reputation for low cost, reliable equipment, Firmir is a household name across the Capellan Confederation. Firmir continues to offer a complete line of several product types, ranging from entry level to sought after high end products for the discerning buyer.[3] After the 4th Succession War, Romano Liao's urgent rearmament push provided a large demand for laser weaponry. [1]Seeing the opportunity to enter a new market Firmir licensed a number of Magna Enterprises designs from the Star League era. In addition to this cloned line of products, Firmir also set about designing their own indigenous laser weaponry systems. [4]

As their fabrication center in Kingston[5] was built around the manufacture of consumer goods, the layout and design of the Firmir campus circa 3055 left much to be desired from a security standpoint. Warrior House Kamata's 2nd Battalion was charged with the defense of the facility. Michelangelo Schmidt, Kamata House's master, is on record around mid century stating that the (lack of) security arrangements was a "nightmare" situation, a comment that other experts in the field have considered to be a probable understatement.[4]

During the Jihad Firmir's facilities have been damaged considerably, having lost nearly half of their personnel and capital. Nonetheless, Firmir has managed to maintain nearly 80% of their industrial output.[6] In more recent years the security arrangements at Firmir have been upgraded. A system of 10 remotely operated bunkers with dual purpose anti-'Mech and antipersonnel laser systems supplant a couple of manned bunkers at the complex entrance. The low manning levels of the security detail reflect the belief that the much larger Aldis plant on Betelgeuse is a far more likely target for raiding parties than Firmir's facility. [7]

Since the start of the Jihad, the facility on Betelgeuse, suffers a capital and personal losses of 45%, and the operating capacity of the factory is reduced to 78% of their main production volume in 3079.[8]


Firmir Weaponry has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Betelgeuse:[9]:
Component Type
Small Laser
Firmir LaserLite For export ?[9]
Medium Laser
Firmir Standard For export ?[9]
Large Laser
Firmir MaxiLase Export[9]
Shen Yi - LRM[10] Brutus Assault Tank[11]CTF-2X Cataphract[12]
Small Pulse Laser
Magna 200P UrbanMech[9]
Medium Pulse Laser
Firmir High-Frequency SHY-3B Shen Yi[13]
Magna 400P Falcon[9]
ER Medium Laser
Firmir Improved Danai Support Vehicle[14]
ER Large Laser
Firmir UltraLase SHY-3B Shen Yi[13]
Magna Firestar Scorpion[9]


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