First Andurien War

This First Andurien War was a conflict between the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation that took place from 2398 to 2404. The fight began as a struggle to control Andurien and its attendant worlds. This conflict began the Age of War.


Beginning in the late 2360s, the nascent Capellan Confederation clashed with the Free Worlds League over border worlds such as Zion and Shiro. Worlds changed hands frequently over the decades, until a peace settled around 2395.[1][2]


The rumblings of war began soon thereafter. Parliament appointed 48-year-old Peter Marik as Captain-General in 2396. Peter vowed that he would not return to Parliament until he had solved "the Andurien question" and stormed out of the chambers. In 2398, Chancellor Kurnath Liao declared war on the Free Worlds League. This touched off a conflict that engulfed the entire Inner Sphere, the Age of War. The war was fierce, with larger numbers of troops participating than ever before. This led to opposition in the League Parliament.[1][3][4][5]

In 2401, the Capellans won the Battle of Kwamashu. The opposition in Parliament attempted to use the defeat as an excuse to oust Marik and install the Selaj family as Captain-General. Hered Selaj pushed for such a measure in Parliament and stirred up the citizens of Marik.[1][3]

Peter Marik responded to the Capellans and the opposition at home by going for the jugular. He invaded the Confederation proper, driving straight for Sian, with the eventual goal of Capella. When the Confederation forces could not stop him, they abandoned Mosiro and Lopez. Nonetheless, Marik was still victorious over the Capellans in the Sian system.[1][3]

Following the defeat, Chancellor Aleisha Liao sued for peace. The terms of the treaty called for the Andurien worlds to become a part of the Free Worlds League for ten years, after which time the people would determine who ruled the systems.[1][3][6]


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