First Battle of Hesperus II

Part of First Succession War
Start Date December 2787
End Date January 2788
Planet Hesperus II
Result House Steiner Victory
Draconis Combine Lyran Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders
Tai-sho Hiroshi Pederson Admiral Luther Weisskopf
Forces involved
4 BattleMech regiments,
Naval forces (over 20 WarShips plus supporting assets)
30th Lyran Guards,
Naval Forces (30 WarShips, 50 assault DropShips, and 20 fighter carriers)
Space and Zones Near Hesperus II factories

The First Battle of Hesperus II was a major assault launched by the Draconis Combine in December 2787, designated Operation BROKEN BLADE.[1]


File:Operation BROKEN BLADE, Space Battle.jpg
The Lyran and Draconis fleets in the space battle in Hesperus II's orbit.

After the Battle of Skondia, the Draconis Combine redeployed their fleet to Hesperus II, repairing the vessels and reinforcing it with several WarShips. The Draconis fleet consisted of over twenty WarShips escorting a ground invasion force of four BattleMech regiments and supporting assets. It did not expect significant spaceborne opposition at Hesperus II and were surprised to face a Lyran fleet of approximately 100 combat vessels, including thirty WarShips.[1]

Operation BROKEN BLADE's objective was to hamper the Lyran Commonwealth's ability to manufacture war matériel by destroying as much of the production facilities on Hesperus II as possible. Though the Combine WarShips managed to destroy some orbiting factories, they were unable to support the ground assault because of the strong Lyran defense fleet. But since the attackers' plan presupposed orbital support, the ground attack failed to overcome the defenders.

A key point of the ground battle happened when two Kurita 'Mechs made their way through the Lyran lines during a orbital bombardment. Their mission was to destroy an aboveground vehicle factory. Facing them were only two Lyran 'Mech—one intact and the other crippled. At the cost of one Lyran life and the death of several factory workers who joined the defense, they managed to defeat and capture both Kuritan pilots, saving the factory.[2]


The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery withdrew in January 2788, having suffered more casualties than they had dealt.[3] In nearly a month of brutal space combat, the Draconis had lost over half of the fleet while their ground assault forces had been reduced to less than two regiments,[1] including the loss of the entire Eighteenth Dieron Regulars and mercenary Fifty-second Heavy Assault Regiment.[3]

In the wake of the immense battles at Skondia and Hesperus, House Kurita would limit the scope of their actions against the Lyran Commonwealth for the next twenty years to mostly border raids and small-unit battles of no larger than a battalion, shifting resources to their ongoing invasion of the Federated Suns.[3]

Units involved[edit]

Draconis Combine[edit]

Lyran Commonwealth[edit]


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