First Battle of the Takashi Memorial Spaceport

First Battle of the Takashi Memorial Spaceport
Part of Battle of Luthien
Start Date 28 November 3073
Location Takashi Memorial Spaceport
Planet Luthien
Result 32nd Division victory
Commanders and leaders
Precentor Kedika Moors Tai-sa Edward Brandon
Forces involved
32nd Division (Word of Blake) 40th Dieron Regulars
2nd Sword of Light (Kokuryu-kai)
dense urban

The Battle of the Takashi Memorial Spaceport was an offensive engagement conducted by the Word of Blake's 32nd Division intended to force the Kokuryu-kai from their main base of operations located under the spaceport.[1]



The Takashi Memorial Spaceport was the center of a large portion of the constant battle between Black Dragon and Blakist forces on Luthien during the Jihad. Precentor Belial ordered Kedika Moors' 32nd Division to assault the Kokuryu-kai main base of operations, located under the spaceport in the vicinity of the customs annex, and force them all out into the open.[1]

28 November 3073[edit]

On 28 November 3073, the 32nd established a beachhead at the spaceport's customs annex. After locating and securing at least one ingress to the underground complex, they fought an extended battle with the 40th Dieron Regulars and 2nd Sword of Light. The attack climaxed when the 32nd destroyed the 40th's main headquarters compound. A Black Dragon booby-trap destroyed the 32nd's Command Level II and of its Overlord class DropShips. The remaining Kokuryu-kai forces withdrew into the local neighborhoods.[1]


  • The Takashi Memorial Spaceport was a site of nearly constant skirmishing between all present forces during the Jihad's Battle of Luthien. However, as no information exists to detail the individual events other than the ones presently provided on BattleTechWiki, the individual documented battles will carry the title of 'Battle of the Takashi Memorial Spaceport' (individualized accordingly).


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