First Chair

First Chair
Story information
Author Jim Long
Pages 7
Type Short story
Product BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 15 March-13 April 3053

The short story First Chair was published in BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction.

Plot summary[edit]

Badicus O'Shea, a new member of the Solaris Games stable Carstairs Stables, meets the stable's first chair, which to his surprise is Esmeralda, rather than him. The two have a small bar brawl before moving on to the stable, where O'Shea meets the team's third MechWarrior: complete rookie and wealthy Carstairs relative Henry Shayne, intended pilot of the team's best 'Mech, a good-condition Wolf Trap.

Stable master Carstairs has scheduled several fights for the inexperienced team, at a pace sure to exhaust their technicians and pilots. He will only hire a backup pilot once the team wins its first match, and their first opportunity is scheduled before any 'Mech but the Wolf Trap could be ready. Instead of risking defeat with a rookie, Esmeralda decides that O'Shea will pilot the 'Mech, angering Shayne.

In battle, the Wolf Trap's heat sinks suddenly start failing one by one. Shayne sabotaged the 'Mech in maintenance, leaving O'Shea with no chance of victory. O'Shea angrily fights until, after enough damage, Esmeralda talks him into surrendering and surviving.

Afterwards, Carstairs chases down Shayne, and the other stable members look to the future, another challenge behind them and more challenges ahead.

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