First Circuit

First Circuit
Organization Profile
Type governing body
Parent Organization ComStar

The First Circuit is the governing body of ComStar, the interstellar organization which oversees the hyperpulse generator network. As originally constituted in 2785 by Jerome Blake in a brief two-page memo, the First Circuit were the chief administrators of the HPG stations which made up the Prime or First Circuit of the old Star League HPG network - New Earth, Barnard, Alpha C, Bryant, Procyon, and Dieron - as well as a Prime Administrator. While operating as the chair and president of ComStar, the Prime Administrator's decisions could be vetoed by a majority of the First Circuit.[1] At Blake's insistence, the First Circuit barred any but its own members from attending its meetings and began to foster a "secret society" mentality within the rest of the organization, to prevent the Successor States from unduly influencing the organization.[2]

Once in office, Conrad Toyama renamed the Prime Administrator to Primus, while Raymond Karpov formalized the First Circuit's role in confirming the nomination of a new Primus by their predecessor. He also expanded the First Circuit to ten members - adding the Precentors of Arcturus, Oriente, Altair, and Capella - to help deal with the expanding size of ComStar.[3]

The First Circuit underwent its most radical reform under Primus Yin Takami, who believed the Precentors of the First Circuits were now more politicians than a technocrat, violating what Jerome Blake had envisioned for the council. He proposed the creation of new Advocate-Precentors, who were to speak for all of the ComStar facilities within one of the five Successor States. Four would be new members - Precentor Sian for the Capellan Confederation, Precentor New Avalon for the Federated Suns, Precentor Tharkad for the Lyran Commonwealth, and Precentor Atreus for the Free Worlds League - while Precentor Dieron would represent the Draconis Combine. After much politicking, Primus Takami received the First Circuit's approval for these reforms.[4]

In the beginning, these new Advocate-Precentors were an asset by providing insights into the workings of each Successor State. Over time though they were able to create a majority power base by utilizing their connections to the ruling Great Houses, giving them a larger voice in the First Circuit and the running of ComStar. As the other members of the First Circuit saw their influence wane, they eventually stopped going to the meetings altogether, in effect ceding their power and reducing the First Circuit to the Primus and the five House-aligned Precentors.[4]

The First Circuit underwent further changes after the creation of the Free Rasalhague Republic, opening up a new seat on the council. While normally the First Circuit would be allowed to elect this representative from among the potential candidates, the Capital Preference clause gave the Precentor of the new realm's capital planet first claim to it. Citing this law, and over the objections of Precentors Tharkad and New Avalon, Primus Myndo Waterly seated an ardent supporter of hers, Gardner Riis, as the newest member of the council in 3041.[5]


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