First General Strike

The First General Strike was a six-day general walkout by workers on Terra, that began in July 2470 in the North American city of San Antonio and then spread throughout the planet.


Director-General Theodore Cameron had ordered demolished the Alamo, an historic battle monument important to that region of the North American continent, to make way for a "small Texas ranch" for his personal use. Local protests of this action led to the first general strike in Terran Hegemony history, with demonstrations in the city devolving into a riot within hours of the first day, and sympathetic strikes and demonstrations erupting in nearby cities before sunset. Within 72 hours, the work stoppage had spread throughout Terra, alarming the Hegemony's High Councilors who collectively persuaded Cameron to apologize for the transgression and promise to rebuild the site. Just short of a week after the first walkout, temperaments had returned to normal.[1]

The situation was historically credited with making Cameron more judicious with his later decisions.[1]


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