First Succession War (sourcebook)

First Succession War
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Author Herbert A. Beas II
Chris Hartford
Development Ray Arrastia
(Strategic Assistance) Matthew Alexander
Øystein Tvedten
Primary writing Chris Marti
Keith Hann
Randall Bills
Joel Bancroft-Connors
Ray Arrastia
John Haward
Pages 178
Cover Artwork Marco Mazzoni (Cover)
Ray Arrastia (Cover Design)
Illustrations New Illustrations:
Matt Plog
Anthony Scroggins
Matthew Alexander
Ray Arrastia
Øystein Tvedten
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35235
First published 2016
ISBN-10 1941582036
ISBN-13 978-1941582039
MSRP $34.99 (Print)
$14.99 (PDF)
Era Succession Wars
Series Succession Wars
Followed by Second Succession War


First Succession War is a historical-type sourcebook, written in the style of a Terran-published document produced in the year 3150 looking back to this conflict.

The book chronicles the brutal First Succession War, which began in 2786 after the fall of the Star League and the departure of the Star League Defense Force into exile. Each of the Star League's remaining Member States turned on each other in a bid to conquer the entire Inner Sphere and reestablish the Star League with its own Great House at its head. The war ravaged the Inner Sphere and drove its civilization into a new dark age of technological decline and savagery.

The book includes rules for the creation of scenarios based on the events of the book, conversion rules into various forms of BattleTech gameplay, and a Technical Readout of units once featured in the original Technical Readout: 3025 and later Technical Readout: 3039 with new images.

From the back cover[edit]

The Dream is Over

In 2784, the departure of General Alexsandr Kerensky and the remnants of the SLDF from known space leaves the Inner Sphere balanced on a knife-edge. With no Star League to keep the House Lords in check, greed, ambition and old grudges come to the fore once more, propelling the five remaining Great Houses into a war that threatens human civilization itself: The First Succession War.

The First Succession War describes the most devastating conflict ever fought by mankind as the five Great Houses battle for supremacy in the ruins of the Star League. Covering the collapse of the Star League, the militarization of the Inner Sphere and the horrors that ensued, this volume provides a detailed look at the major actions of the war, the motivations of its participants, and the deadly consequences of their decisions.


  • Ghost Rain - By Chris Hartford
  • Introduction
  • Prelude to War
  • The First Succession War (2786 - 2821)
    • Ignition Points
    • Savagery Unleashed
    • The Dragon Rampant: Kurita’s Wars
    • Neglected Front: Liao Takes Advantage
    • Soft Targets: The Combine-Commonwealth Front
    • Out from Left Field: Jerome Blake’s Gambit
    • Flight of the Eagle: House Marik Strikes
    • The War of Raids: House Steiner’s Succession War
    • Shifting Priorities: House Liao Forges On…
    • The Suns Resurgent: House Davion Rallies
    • Exhaustion and Decay
    • Hard Times: The Decline of the Periphery
    • Lost Worlds
    • Oddities of the Succession War
  • Timeline of The First Succession War
  • Eye of the Storm (2821-2830)
  • Personalities of the First Succession War
  • First Succession War Deployment Table
  • Rules Annex
    • Creating First Succession War Scenario
    • Technical Readout
    • Inner Sphere at War (Expansion)
    • Converting ISW Combat Commands to Other Systems


The book was originally named BattleTech Historical: First Succession War, some parts of it still retain that name.


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