Flight Academy of Thorin

Flight Academy of Thorin

Academy Information
Location Thorin
Founding Year 2832
Course Information
Aerospace 2832-3063
Spacecraft 2832-3063

The Flight Academy of Thorin was founded in 2832, and developed a reputation for producing excellent in Aerospace pilots and both DropShip and JumpShip crews for the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. Located on Thorin on the fringes of the Ecol City Spaceport, the facilities were heavily damaged during the Succession Wars. Deemed prohibitively expensive, repairs were deferred for the facility, allowing it to limp on in its half-damaged state. While this had no effect on the excellent quality of the instructors, it limited enrollment at the school.[1][2][3]

Even with the formation of the Federated Commonwealth and the increase in need for aerospace crews, there was very little talk of upgrading the facility. Instead, following the secession of the Lyran Alliance, the LAAF chose to close down the school and begin transfer of its equipment and personnel to the Alarion Naval Academy. While there was some initial protest, the Academy's last commander, Kommandant Alexandra Speirs, felt it was best to allow the school to close down with dignity and remain as a reminder of Thorin's Star League past, rather than become yet another tool in the brewing conflict.[1][3]

In its final years there was a somber and reflective mood among both students and faculty. Students were also confined the Academy, partly in response to the political protests and terrorist acts began to break out on the planet, partly to sequester the growing anti-Katherine mood from clashing with the local Arcturan Guards garrison. The last class entered the Academy in the summer of 3060 and graduated in June 3063. Those instructors who did not transfer to the Alarion Naval Academy retired and were offered employment with the Thorin-based Christofiori Express corporation.[1][3]

Graduates of the Flight Academy wore a 'school rag' or sash that was gray shot through with red.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Flight Academy of Thorin
Leutnant-General Ilysa Tullerman 3025[4]
Kommandant Alexandra Speirs by 3062[5]


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