Floatation Hull


The Floatation Hull is a combat vehicle modification that can be used by hovercraft, VTOLs, WiGEs, and conventional fighters. A vehicle equipped with a Floatation Hull can land on water without sinking. This makes it a useful modification for vehicles that spend a lot of time on or over water. The system takes up no real space in the vehicle, but does double the cost of the vehicle.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

A Floatation Hull can only be fitted to the vehicles listed earlier. It allows the vehicle to treat water hexes as Clear terrain. A Floatation Hull doesn't take up room in the vehicle or have a weight penalty, but does double the cost. Units that are using their Hull are treated as displacement naval vessels for purposes of line of sight, sinking, and hull breach rules. A vehicle with a Floatation Hull will not sink or be destroyed in a water landing unless armor in a non-turret area is completely destroyed.[1]


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