Timbuktu Theater

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History & Description[edit]

The Timbuktu Theater was originally part of the Protectorate of Donegal, though many of its current worlds were once part of the Rim Worlds Republic.[1] Following Katherine Steiner-Davion's reorganization of the Alliance's internal borders, the theater was founded as the exterior region of the Alarion Province within the Lyran Alliance. Local forces were primarily concerned with repelling attacks from bandits and nearby Periphery states like the Circinus Federation.[2] The region continued to be a low priority for defense in the wake of the Jihad,[3] but gained greater prominence during the Dark Age. Following the disastrous repercussions of Operation Hammerfall, when the Buena Province became the last "safe interior" part of the Commonwealth.[4]

In 3146, Timbuktu's Margrave, General Diego Widmer declared himself the leader of a new breakaway state, the Buena Collective.[5] The state grew to ten worlds, and while Archon Trillian Steiner initially refused to acknowledge Widmer, she eventually mustered the forces to shatter his nascent state. In 3147, Steiner announced her intention to destroy the Buena Collective, commencing her campaign in mid-3147. Valloire and Ayacucho fell quickly, but Widmer concentrated all his remaining forces on his homeworld of Buena, determined to stage a final stand there[6] By January 3148, the LCAF's Task Force Kingbreaker began landing on Buena to put an end to Widmer and his government. The fighting lasted for several days, but the Collective fell and Widmer executed.[7]

Timbuktu itself seceded from the Commonwealth that same year, believing they had a better chance of safety by merging with the Rim Collective to form the Timbuktu Collective.[8] The planet Florida became headquarters to the redesignated Florida Theater following the promotion of Ludwig Steiner to Margrave on 27 March, 3151. However, the newly minted General Steiner planned a greater reorganization of the region, and after redrawing the theater's borders to include all Lyran worlds bordering the Free Worlds League, theater headquarters was relocated again to Buena, renaming the theater once again to the Buena Theater.[9] Finsterwalde was then used as a staging area for Steiner's first major offense, the recapture of Bolan.[10]

Systems of Note[edit]




Military Deployment[edit]



  • Eighth Lyran Regulars - New India[12]
  • Teyvareb TTM - Teyvareb[12]
  • Alekseyevka TTM - Alekseyevka[12]
  • Florida TTM - Florida[12]






  • Margrave: General Mils Steiner-Davis[12]
  • Aide: General Olaf Dinesen[12]





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