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Focht War College
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Location Tukayyid; later Kentares IV
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Named for the first Precentor Martial of ComStar Anastasius Focht, the Focht War College (FWC) has served as a military academy and training facilities for Secular ComStar's Com Guards the Second Star League's defense forces and the Republic of the Sphere's armed forces.[1][2]


Ever since the climactic Battle of Tukayyid in 3052, ComStar had utilized the battle-scarred Free Rasalhague Republic planet of Tukayyid as a staging and training point of the Com Guard forces defending the Truce line. Mostly devoid of civilians after the prebattle evacuations, ComStar made plans to construct a full training academy, plans that, when received, added impetus in the wake of Operation Odysseus and the loss of Terra and the Sandhurst Royal Military College.[1][2]

Even with the Com Guards' vital need for a new training facility, the Order found funding the school difficult until the formation of the Second Star League in the wake of the Whitting Conference and Operation Bulldog. The newly formed Star League Defense Force desired their own facility to train recruits and the Star League Council agreed to co-finance construction, further aided by the incorporation of the Eridani Light Horse's own small cadre of training personnel to form a solid backbone for the college.[1][2]

The Focht War College opened in October 3060 and was scheduled to graduate its first class in the summer of 3062.[1][2]


The college was completely destroyed by the Word of Blake attack on Tukayyid on February 3068, with news companies like Republican News Interstellar saying that the attack had been nuclear.[3]


The Focht War College was on its way to oblivion after the Jihad. Tukayyid had been heavily damaged and Clan Ghost Bear had annexed the world. Shortly after the Coalition forces liberated Terra, Yvonne Steiner-Davion agreed to move the Focht War College to Kentares IV. The Federated Suns also agreed to provide half the funding needed for the school's operation in the future. In 3085 the FWC remains open to applicants from across the Inner Sphere, and graduates can enter service with any signatory to the Republic Formation Treaty. The first class of infantry and armor officers graduated in 3083, and the BattleMech training course is expected to open in 3086. In recognition to the Federated Suns' support of the institution, the commandant of the FWC will be appointed from the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.[4]

Dark Ages[edit]

The Focht War College (FWC) went on to be funded by the Republic of the Sphere and then by the Federated Suns. Previous applicants were required to commit to five to 10 years of service in the Star League Defense Force. These days, graduates of the FWC go on to serve in myriad militaries, though escalating aggressions suggest that House Davion may soon require graduates to serve in its own military.[5]

With House Davion gearing up for all-out war, a large proportion of the graduates of the Focht War College are ending up in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS), but a significant proportion take service elsewhere. Considering the amount of pressure put on students to join the AFFS upon graduation, this demonstrates an impressive strength of will among those graduates who take their skills to other factions.[6]


Any citizen of a Star League member state may enroll at the FWC, specifying at time of application if they are joining either the Com Guards or SLDF and upon agreeing to a minimum of five years' service, increased to ten for officers or MechWarriors. Those wishing to join the Com Guards may do so by applying at any HPG station, SLDF applications initially could only apply at the Star League embassies on each Great House capital or Outreach before also allowing HPG applications from 3063 on. All applicants must complete stringent physical and mental tests to ensure they meet the FWC's high standard to be accepted.[2]


Much like Sandhurst before it, the Focht War College stresses combined warfare and interdependence between combat arms.[1] FWC's atmosphere is unique due to the division between Com Guard and SLDF recruits, leading to rivalries beyond the usual interbranch tensions. While generally a good-natured means of proving superiority, a small number of ill-natured and often violent incidents have occurred, with the FWC allowing controlled "honor match" challenges to try and head off some of the tension.[2]


No matter their course type, all cadets undergo a full year of basic training first to develop the trainee's physical fitness and soldiering skills, though the technical and academic schooling vary depending on their course type.[2]


Beyond the first year of training, the 'Mech course takes a further three years. The first year teaches basic piloting skill and theory, while the second year puts those skills into actual practice. The third year involves a number of training exercises on Tukayyid and teaches the trainees to work in units, utilizing the advanced training systems available to ComStar to track "battle damage" without endangering the cadets.[2]

Advanced courses teach specific specializations such as ECM suite training, but the most notable and prestigious course is the modern version of the SLDF's famous Gunslinger Program, revived in January 3062. This one-year course is open to any preexisting SLDF member as well as FWC recruits and teaches advanced one-on-one dueling favored by the Clans.[1][2]

Armor Crews[edit]

Armor crew training is divided into pilot and gunnery courses with specializations in heavy tank, light cavalry, infantry support and artillery. More standardized than many of the other streams, save for vehicle commanders who must also take the officer course, all armor courses last two years.[2]


The basic infantry course lasts one year, but varies greatly depending on if the trainee is selected for specialized training, for example battle armor training takes eighteen months but other specializations can take up to three years.[2]

Officer School[edit]

The FWC's fourth stream teaches both battlefield and administrative command skills as well as strategy and tactics.[2]


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