Fontaine Brett-Marik

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Fontaine Marik
Fontaine Marik
AffiliationHouse Brett-Marik
Title(s)Duke of Tamarind-Abbey
ParentsPhoton Marik (father)[2]
SpouseKarli Marik[3]

Duke Fontaine Marik was a thirty-second century leader of the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey in the Free Worlds League.


Fontaine was a descendant of Therese Brett-Marik, daughter of Captain-General Janos Marik and one of few people who had a strong claim to throne of the Free Worlds League. He was married to Karli Marik until her death in 3134 and had no heirs. He was honorable man, with a keen mind for politics and warfare. Unlike many of his counterparts in the old League, he was not actively expanding his claim to reunify the Free Worlds League.


In 3136, he allowed Christopher Halas-Hughes Marik ski his mountains and meet with him in person. When he met with him, Fontaine suspected he was relaying a message from his mother, Jessica Halas-Hughes Marik. Despite his initial thoughts of Christopher being reckless and perhaps foolish, Fontaine found that he was man of character, with him later becoming fond of Christopher with him acting as a mentor to the young man, though the influence went both ways as he picked up a few of Christopher's mannerisms. He told Christopher that he would back Jessica's claim to the throne only if she could tie her lineage to someone with Marik blood. By this action, he set the course of events that led Jessica to begin her plan to leave her husband to take Thaddeus Marik as her husband to win his support, deciding against her initial plan of marrying Thaddeus's younger brother, Frederick Marik.

In November of 3137, he met with envoy Trillian Steiner, where he angrily accused them of illegal and immoral war against his nation. On the 2nd, with the arrival of the Broken Swords battalion in orbit, he declared that peace talks were broken off and talks were fraud. He dispatched his defending First Tamarind Regulars Regiment to engage the Broken Swords and sent people to seize the Lyran Consulate.

League Unified[edit]

Christopher Marik was took by Fontaine as his protege, taking him under his wing, which managed to secure the Duke's support to his mother, formalizing a strong alliance between Fontaine's court and Jessica's family.[4]

After the Free Worlds league was reunified, on 3146, Fontaine sent his forces to reclaim the Lyran planet of Bolan, with success.[5]

The next year, after the Marian Hegemony invaded Fontaine's Duchy, he asked for help to Atreus, but received none: the League's Captain-General, Nikol Halas-Hughes Marik, focused on waging a war against Regulus, choosed to ignore the Marian invasion. So, three years later, the Duke decided to act alone, invading the Hegemony at his own initiative, prosecuting the war without stopping even after the rest of the League censuring him. At the end of the year, the planet Illyria had fallen under the Duchy.[6]

IlClan Era[edit]

Ironically, despite the Parliament's censure, Fontaine was supported by his protege, Christopher Marik, which had been living on Tamarind for years, and supported the campaign to reclaim the Gibraltar island from Hegemony forces with his won money, with the Duke's blessing.[7]

At 3151, Fontaine send mercenary raiders to probe the Wolf Empire territory, and in May, he officially announced it, proving than the Empire was defenseless. However, the Captain-General Nikol Marik, initially, didn't act. Meanwhile, after the Duchy's trops on Illyria had stayed long enough, Fontaine acquiesced to the Parliament's demands to retreat, after making the population to vote if they wanted to join the League or not, and after the population refused to join, Fontaine ordered the retreat, returning Illyria to Marian control.[8]

At the beginning of 3152, Fontaine contracted Wolf's Dragoons Zeta Battalion to conquer for the Duchy three planets, Labouchere, Alula Borealis and Trellisane, mission which they accomplished in a blitzkrieg which didn't allow the Seventh Tamarind Regulars sent with Zeta to fire a single shot.[9]


Fontaine was a shrewd and calculating man. Unlike the usually hot-tempered leaders of other former League's provinces, exercises patience before comitting to any decision.[10]


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