Forest Lander

Forest Lander
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Intruder (see Notes)

The DropShip Forest Lander was listed as part of the attached support vessels of the 7th Battle Cluster of Gamma Galaxy (Clan Wolf) in a ComStar document dated 1 December 3052, as an Intruder-class DropShip.[1]


It should be noted that sources from the early Clan Invasion era, including the ComStar report naming this vessel, have been known to misreport Clan DropShips of the Broadsword, Union-C and Overlord-C classes in particular as vessels of equivalent Inner Sphere classes, namely the Leopard, Union, and Overlord.[2] This leaves a distinct possibility that the Forest Lander was in fact a Sassanid-class vessel (a Clan infantry carrier based on the earlier Intruder class). However, at the same time, other sources observed both Clan designs and their Inner Sphere predecessor designs serving side-by-side among the invading Clans.[3] For a lack of conclusive evidence to the contrary, the notion that the Forest Lander was an Intruder (and not a Sassanid) is therefore taken at face value for the purpose of this article.


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  3. The Falcon and the Wolf, pp. 42-48 ("Clan Jade Wolf Unit Summary") and pp. 54-57 ("Wolf Clan in Exile Unit Summary") lists numerous Overlord-C, Overlord, Union-C, Union, Broadsword and Leopard class vessels with individual units formerly of Clan Wolf, as well as other DropShip types such as Sassanid, Confederate, Titan, and Lion; this is an in-universe internal document by WolfNet, who owing to their Clan roots would easily be able to tell these DropShip classes from each other, and whose report can thus presumably be taken at face value. While the report does not name individual vessels, it does prove the existence of Leopard, Union and Overlord class vessels of Clan origin, and that such a mix was still found in Clan toumans even five years after the Battle of Tukayyid.