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40th Shadow Division

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Insignia of the 40th Shadow Division
40th Shadow Division
Nickname Sariel's Conquerors
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Shadow Divisions

Unit Description[edit]

The Fortieth Shadow Division was the first of the Word of Blake's "hidden" units. The unit was partially comprised of the Blakists' hyper-elite cybernetically enhanced warriors known as the Manei Domini. The Fortieth was known for its exploits in Sian Combat Theater and on Hesperus II during the Jihad.



Two Level IIs of the Fortieth Division landed on Tharkad, hunting down resistance cells. They fought the Royal Guards and 24th Lyran Guards several times: Once in the ruins of Tharkad's main spaceport,[1] in the Mako Valley,[2] and again on the Taytana Islands.[3] Though they were stationed on Tharkad between 3068 and 3071, they did not sustain many losses and were able to assist other elements of the Division in their tasks.[4]

The Fortieth captured Hesperus II in 3070[5] with the 38th Division as part of Operation STEEL HAMMER. This was made possible after other Blakist forces slowly weakened the planet's defenses after years of lightning raids. Due to the importance of the Defiance Industries facilities, the Fortieth remained stationed on the planet, becoming a conduit for replacement machines and weaponry to the rest of the Blakist militia.[6][7]

In May 3073, a large portion of the Fortieth traveled off-world to spearhead a raid against Arcturus, backed up by the Burr's Black Cobras mercenary unit and elements of the 2nd Division, inflicting significant damage but not before suffering heavy losses of their own.[8] The Fortieth disappeared after suddenly withdrawing from Arcturus, before finally returning to Hesperus three months later.[9] In September, elements of the Division linked up with the 52nd Shadow Division in a strike on Caledonia which was to destroy the 22nd Skye Rangers. The Division had returned to Hesperus II where it became fully operational in time to face Devlin Stone's Coalition force in November of 3074. After month of fighting the Coalition force successfully took the planet.[10]

The Division's status was reportedly sketchy, estimating it being only at three Level III strength. It was not made clear if the division slipped away from the planet, or remained in hiding.[11]

The last known location of the 40th was Hesperus II, where they held Maria's Elegy, the planet's capital where they held at bay Clan Wolf's Delta Galaxy and Stone's Lament, and retreated only after the fall of Defiance Industries complexes and mauling also a nighttime combat drop by the First Skye Jaegers.[10]

The Division is reported as Missing in Action during the end of the Jihad.[12]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 40th Shadow Division
Precentor Omega Sariel February 3068 - December 3074[13][5][10]

Other Unit Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]



  • Named Ones:
    • Creeping Death III-zeta[15]


All information pooled from canon sourcebooks is reported in style of intelligence reports vs. a direct write-up on the unit. Some information may be left out of the article due to questionable sources.


Game Rules[edit]

The 40th Division employs universal Shadow Division special abilities of being immune to Forced Withdrawal rules. Also Shadow Division abilities allows the 40th to negate Overrun Combat or Forcing the Initiative force abilities of an opposing force.[16][8] The Division itself uniquely allows the controlling player to roll on the Lyran Alliance Random Assignment Table (RAT) up to all its units. Also the player may add a +2 on the results of them rolling up the weight class of their BattleMechs for every three units selected.[17][8][7]


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