Fox (WarShip class)

This article is about the corvette WarShip class. For other uses, see Fox.
Fox (Corvette) TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Port Simon Naval Shipyards
Ioto Galactic Enterprises
Introduced 3058
Production Year 3057[1]
Use Corvette
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 16,424,809,360 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 235,000 tons
Length 440 m
Sail Diameter 990 m
Fuel 5,920 tons
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 1.5 g
Top Thrust 2.5 g
Sail Integrity 3
KF Drive Integrity 6
LF Battery Yes
Armor 394.5 tons of Improved Ferro-Aluminum
DropShip Capacity 5
Crew 158
Grav Decks 1 x 112 meter diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 0/12
Heat Sinks 338 (Double)
Structural Integrity 100
BV (1.0) 37,029[2]


Originally designated the RX-78, the Fox class corvette WarShip is known across the Inner Sphere as a symbol of the Federated Commonwealth and, after the FedCom Civil War, the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns. Initially designed between 3050 and 3051, the Fox was well on track to being the very first WarShip deployed by any Inner Sphere power in over 200 years but repeated delays, including a boycott of parts by ComStar and multiple terrorist attacks on the Federated-Boeing Interstellar facilities orbiting Galax, prevented the first Fox from slipping her moorings until 3058. Since then it has become an especially common sight within the Federated Suns and production within the Lyran Alliance ensures that its presence is felt in that realm as well.


The Fox is incredibly well armed and armored for a corvette, especially when compared to Star League-era corvettes. Armed with a mix of Naval Lasers, light Naval Autocannon, and Barracuda Capital Missiles the Fox can respond to a variety of situations and face down most any vessel outside of another WarShip. A large complement of five DropShips provide a significant escort for the small ship and make the Fox an ideal command vessel for small strike forces. Even small destroyers must be wary of the Fox thanks to its heavy armor, quadruple that of many other corvettes and a match for that of much larger WarShips. As a result the Fox can take much more damage than most expect, giving the ship a decided edge against an overconfident opponent.

One of the major features of the Fox is the use of a Lithium-Fusion Battery, a difficult to produce and expensive piece of technology that was rare even on Star League ships. Enabling the Fox to make two jumps in a row, the LF Battery is essential in border patrol or raiding missions where the ability to get in and out of a system quickly is a prerequisite.

The Fox has become one of the most numerous WarShip designs in the Inner Sphere with over twenty of the class produced between the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth.


12,567.5 tons

  • Bay 1: 12 Fighters
  • Bay 2: 2 Small Craft
  • Bay 3: Cargo


The Fox class corvette's original designation of RX-78 is a nod to the RX-78-2 Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series (and as the original "Real Robot" anime, one of the BattleTech franchise's direct ancestors). There are also similar circumstances to their conception: both are powerful prototypes to their respective factions at the time of their introduction, and both featured revolutionary new technologies in a time of desperation against seemingly-unstoppable enemies (the Fox being the first active WarShip reintroduced in the Federated Commonwealth for more than 200 years, giving hope to efforts to counter the technologically superior Clans and their numerous WarShip fleets).

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