Frederick Kozoma

Frederick Kozoma
Died 2838
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Rank General

Frederick Kozoma was a General of the DCMS and was the "killer" of Zabu Kurita, Coordinator of the Draconis Combine from 2837 to 2838.


Frederick Kozoma was a General in the DCMS High Strategic Council and the Procurement Evaluation Board. When they received the budget for 2839 and saw a 4 percent cut in DCMS military budget he was enraged.

He and several other generals decided that Zabu Kurita had to die, and he was selected as the executor.

When he finally faced Zabu, he found him with one of his concubines. When he was asked if I were acting alone or if he represented the other generals as well, and was told that he was acting in accord with the views of most of the military High Command, Zabu gave a slight nod. After asking her concubine to leave, he offered once of the nice swords of Kurita's collection to Frederick and after completing the correct seppuku rituals, was behaved by Frederick itself.

While interrogated by ISF, General Frederick did not understand Zabu's ability to meet death so honorably and asked himself if Zabu could have been a better man than the Generals imagined.[1]


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