Frederik Youngblood

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Frederik Youngblood
Character Profile
Born 2077
Died 2160
Affiliation House Youngblood
Siblings Emily Youngblood
Children Mike Youngblood


Though Frederik Youngblood had been selected by his grandfather Stuart Youngblood to direct his company YMC along with his sister Emily Youngblood, he quickly found himself doing this work alone as his sister decided to follow a different career in the Deimos Project.

Frederik was left alone and resentful to save foundering company, and he became one of the champions of the anti-FTL movement that protested the billions of dollars being spent on the Deimos Project while people went hungry and homeless. This created a rift between brother and sister that was never repaired.

Ironically, it was Frederick who profited from the Deimos Project when he joined others using FTL technology to exploit the stars.[1]

Marriage and Children[edit]

Frederik Youngblood was married. He had at least one son Mike Youngblood.


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