A Freeborn refers to a Clansman who was born through natural childbirth rather than the Clans' eugenics program.[1][2] They are considered inferior by most trueborn Clansmen, and suffer harassment and assignment to lackluster duty, with those showing martial talent typically assigned to second-line or garrison formations. Despite this, those who show exceptional skill can rise to the rank of Star Captain, or in rare cases Star Colonel. Very rarely are freeborns allowed to serve in front-line units, although it is slightly more common in Warden Clans than the Crusader Clans[3][4]

The term freebirth is an epithet used by the trueborn, especially against other trueborns, as a term of disgust or frustration. Freeborn Clansmen can generally never earn a Bloodname (with some few exceptions).

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