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Fuh Teng

Fuh Teng
Character Profile
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Teng Stables
Cenotaph Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator
Siblings Sze Teng‎‎

Character History[edit]

Fuh Teng and his brother Sze Teng were Maskirovka agents posing as MechWarriors fighting for Tsen Shang on Solaris VII.

During their fight against Philip Capet in 3027, he saw his brother die and was injured , suffering a broken arm which resulted in an expected month of recovery. After one month and still injured, he was scheduled to fight a rigged match against Billy Wolfson, but was knocked out by Justin Xiang who took his place and won the match.

After that Fuh Teng established a good relationship with Justin Xiang, and he was with him when they raided Gray Noton's security hangar and stole Legend-Killer.[1]

During the Fourth Succession War, he was visited by Mandrinn Zhelang Qua in Valhalla Club. The Mandrinn tried to convince him to lend all the Stable's MechWarriors to help the Capellan Confederation's war effort. When Fuh rejected him, the Mandrinn tried to force him to do it, even physically, the moment in which LIC officers appeared and detained Zhelang. At this point it was clear that he broke his Maskirovka ties and became a free agent working only for Justin. When Justin shows his real allegiance, it is clear that he gets in the correct end of the deal.[2]

Fuh Teng was still managing the Stables during the start of the Clan Invasion, Cenotaph Stables allowed its warriors to fight during the Clan Invasion, a fact that earned it much political goodwill but also resulted in the death of many of its fighters. Despite Teng's experience and skill, the assassination of Justin and his son Kai Allard-Liao's reported demise during the initial invasion led many observers to write off the stable as doomed. However Kai's survival and return revitalized the stable under the Cenotaph name. Despite their lack of name recognition, Cenotaph openly favored veterans of the Clan wars, playing up the patriotism of their service against the Clans.[3]

Fuh Teng would assist the intelligence agencies of the Federated Commonwealth in capturing the assassin who killed Archon Melissa Steiner-Davion. Issuing word he was offering a contract for a very high-profile assassination to lure the Assassin from hiding on Solaris VII,[4] Fuh Ten met with him on 25 August 3055 at a tea house in Cathay. Revealing he had been supposedly embezzling profits, Fuh Teng sought the Assassin's services now the scheme about to come undone when Kai was apparently planning to replace him. When the Assassin assumed Kai was the target, Fuh Teng quickly corrected him, that he loved Kai like a son and that had he wanted the Grand Champion killed it would be easy to arrange an accident in the arenas. Instead he sought to have him "distracted", sliding a yuan emblazoned with the profile of Candace Allard-Liao into view, the Assassin realizing that Kai would be forced to assume leadership of the St. Ives Compact and leave Solaris and Fuh Teng. Claiming to offer 3.5 Million C-bills worth of defense stocks in return for contract completion within four months, the Assassin admitted his last job had been as a florist to prove his abilities to Fuh Teng, unwittingly confirming for watching secretly security teams as well.[5]

This situation would continue after Kai left the Game World, taking aboard increasing volumes of pro–Victor Steiner-Davion MechWarriors. The pro-Victor stance of many of its fighters would result in Cenotaph losing many of its best when they left to fight in the FedCom Civil War on his behalf, but the gaps were quickly filled with a flood of expatriates from the St. Ives Compact following the conclusion of the Capellan-St. Ives Civil War. Since the end of that conflict Cenotaph has mouthed the pro-Liao line of all Capellan stables on Solaris, but studiously avoided mentioning which branch of the Liao family claims its ultimate allegiance.[3]

He would continue to lead the stables for a long time finally retiring in 3063 when he left Cenotaph fighter Larry Acuff took over control.[3]


Fuh Teng, like his brother, as a MechWarrior was noted as a Vindicator pilot.[6].


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