Fusiliers of Oriente

Insignia of the Fusiliers of Oriente
Fusiliers of Oriente
Formed 2485
Affiliation Duchy of Oriente

Free Worlds League

Parent Command Free Worlds League Military
Sub-Command(s) Oriente Ducal Guard

First Fusiliers of Oriente

Second Fusiliers of Oriente

Third Fusiliers of Oriente

Fourth Fusiliers of Oriente

Fifth Fusiliers of Oriente

The Fusiliers of Oriente are the more prestigious of the Grand Duchy of Oriente forces.


The Fusiliers of Oriente made up the largest unit of forces available to the Duchy of Oriente. They were one of the most effective units in the Free Worlds League Military, whether provincial or federal. Despite their origins as a provincial unit, the Fusiliers of Oriente always responded to the LCCC's call, never using the Home Defense Act to avoid federal service.[1] Indeed in 3064 Duke Halas would take this one step further and place the Fusiliers of Oriente completely under the control of the FWLM, essentially rendering the Home Defense Act useless in the Duchy of Oriente.[2]

Unlike the Marik Militia the Fusiliers of Oriente typically rebuilt units rather than creating new ones. This provided them with a long and storied history and instilled pride in the soldiers who made up the units.[1]

Elements of the Fusiliers of Oriente were the only Free Worlds League troops to see combat on two fronts during the Reunification War. The First and Second Fusiliers served on the Magistracy of Canopus front and later the Rim Worlds Republic front.[3]

During the Jihad the Fusiliers of Oriente fought both the LCAF and CCAF, losing three regiments in the process.[4] They only provided logistical support to the Coalition forces however, and after the Jihad ended they turned their attention to defending their traditional homeworlds.[5]

After the reunification of the Free Worlds League, the Fusiliers were in a rough state. The Ducal Guard were the only unit to continue on under their banner, with the rest reclassified as Federal troops and used as the nucleus of new units or to fill holes in the Oriente Hussars. Despite rumors of a rebuilding of the brigade, as of 3145 the brigade was made up of only the Guard. Either despite or because of this, the Ducal Guard opted for an almost impossible standard of readiness, training for even the rarest combat situations. As a reinforced regiment of elite skill, the Ducal Guard was perhaps the reconstituted FWLM's most potent military unit.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Fusiliers of Oriente
General Fyodor Mallory - 3017[7]
General Beauregard Waslewski 3017 - 3025[7]
General Selim Halas - 3048[8]
General Marissa Morgan 3048 - 3059[8]
General Fannie Halas 3067[9]

Other Officers[edit]


Different per Unit.

Units of the Fusiliers of Oriente[edit]


  • The 2nd Fusiliers was destroyed during the Jihad.[4]
  • The 4th Fusiliers was destroyed during the Jihad.[4]
  • The 5th Fusiliers was destroyed during the Jihad.[4]

Colors and Unit Insignia[edit]

The Fusiliers of Oriente used dark green with black edging and pale green highlights as their parade colors. Their brigade insignia was a stylized red and green orchid on a black rectangle.[1]

Game Rules[edit]

Reunification War[edit]

  • The 1st Fusiliers gain a +2 bonus on Random Experience level rolls.[13]
  • The 1st Fusiliers may Force the Initiative.[13]


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