Galahad Frews

Galahad Frews
AffiliationBrotherhood of Randis
Title(s)Grand Knight

Galahad Frews was the second leader of the Brotherhood of Randis, notable for changing the unit from a cult of personality into an effective and chivalrous fighting team.[2]


Galahad Frews taught at the Kilbourne Military Academy prior to departing the Federated Suns for Randis IV.[3]

He came to prominence in 3037 when he successfully challenged Erdelmaine Randis for control of the Brotherhood of Randis, and assumed the title of Grand Knight. Within the first few months following his accession, he initiated a reform of the cadre's training program, including its initiation rituals, and began a concerted effort to improve the quality of life within the Fiefdom of Randis by developing the infrastructure of Randis IV. His reforms resulted in a much more effective fighting force than the Brotherhood had been previously, as evidenced by their first known off-world victory fighting Fuchida's Fusiliers for a Star League-era cache on Antallos.[2][3]

Frews was himself succeeded as Grand Knight by Lucas Beckett, a former Clansman, in 3062, when he was dismissed by the Council, under pressure from Beckett. Though he continued to wield considerable influence within the Brotherhood, and with the population of Randis IV, he distanced himself from calls for his return to the leadership position, indicating he did not wish to take any actions that would not benefit the unit; he did, however, express a desire to lead again. He remained an active member, with the title of Brother Galahad and acts as the titular head of Randis IV, where he is credited with improving the standard of living.[3][4][5]

Personal description[edit]

Frews was known for keeping himself physically fit through an intense practice of martial arts and other forms of exercise. He was considered a master of a large number of combat forms, and was well-educated in the subjects of history, literature, philosophy and economics.[2]


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