Galatean League

Galatean League
State Profile
Founding Year 24 December 3144
Capital world: Galatea
Controlled system(s): 3
Head of State Captain-General
Army Galatean Defense Force

The Galatean League is a minor Inner Sphere nation that emerged in 3144 during the Dark Age era.


In December 3144 an invasion of Galatea by Clan Jade Falcon was successfully defeated by a mixed force of Damien Redburn's Republic Remnants and independent mercenary commands. At the instigation of Hansen's Roughriders, several of the latter had already formed an unofficial "Galatean League" intended to protect that world and its neighbors against further Clan advances; following the victory over the Jade Falcons, that league was announced as a formal entity on 24 December 3144.[1]

Envoys from the new nation reached out to Menkent, Mizar and Syrma, with the latter two joining the League on 14 April 3145; Menkent rejected the envoys in favor of accepting Jade Falcon rule.[2] Alcor also joined the League at some point.[3]

Mizar withdrew from the League on 12 January 3149, but the First Galatean Defense Force remained on station to protect that world.[4]


The Galatean League is a mutual defense pact between its member worlds.[3]


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