Galedon II

Vessel Profile
ClassSamarkand Block II (WarShip class)
In service until10 November 2853


The DCS Galedon II was the last of the Draconis Combine's Samarkand-class carrier WarShips, and one of the few remaining WarShips in the Inner Sphere following the First Succession War.

In 2853 the Galedon II under Cho-sho Greg Hossu, who had commanded her since 2840,[1] took part in an offensive against Hesperus II, later dubbed the sixth, seventh and eighth battles of Hesperus II where the Draconis Combine enacted a blockade of the Hesperus system.

The Lyran Commonwealth famously reactivated their ancient battlecruiser LCS Invincible to break through the Combine siege. It jumped to the Hesperus system's nadir jump point on 25 October 2853 with six military DropShips and smashed through the Combine blockade vessels, destroying most of them. Only the Galedon II escaped by means of a preplanned jump to an irregular jump point close to Hesperus II at the last minute, taking the DropShips Katana, Rapier, Broadsword and Sabeeh plus a few squadrons of aerospace fighters with it.[2]

On 10 November 2853, the Invincible and the relief fleet accompanying it arrived at Hesperus II and engaged the Draconis Combine's planetary blockade fleet which had been reinforced by the Galedon II and its DropShips as well as a trio of corvettes that had been recalled from the zenith jump point blockade fleet. However, the Draconis Combine fleet was quickly routed (implicitly with heavy losses).[3] All Draconis Combine WarShips that had participated in the blockade were destroyed.[4]


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