Galedon Regulars

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Brigade Insignia of the Galedon Regulars
Galedon Regulars
Affiliation DCMS
Parent Command

Assigned to protect the largest section of the Combine bordering the Federated Suns and the Periphery, along with the former capital New Samarkand, the Galedon Regulars enjoy good relations with the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy and Draconis Combine Port Authority thanks to their location in the Galedon Military District.

Though the Galedon Military District was renamed the New Samarkand Military District, Galedon Regulars units that survived the Jihad were not renamed. New units raised in the New Samarkand Military District were raised as New Samarkand Regulars, however.[1]



Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Galedon Regulars
Tai-shu Li Dok To 3052[2]


Different per unit.

Galedon Regulars Details[edit]

ISF must approve all MechWarriors entering its ranks. Though each warrior must survive intense scrutiny, it is not as severe as that faced by the Rasalhague Regulars. Moreover, relations between the Galedon Regulars and the Procurement Department are cordial and do not require endless security checks on their requisitions. The Galedon Regulars nevertheless need the favors of the DCPA because defense of their military district demands that they be able to move quickly when needed. Only the Rasalhague District has more star systems to protect.

Discipline is strong in the Galedon Regulars, which traditionally recruits a large percentage of the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy graduates. This makes morale in the units high, and tends to imbue the unit with a fanaticism like that seen in the Sword of Light units. The Galedon Regulars units have a reputation for ruthlessness not usually expected from "common" district forces. Members of the Galedon Regulars who are on New Samarkand for leave often serve as assistant teachers at the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy.

The Galedon Regulars tend to favor light colors, such as white, tan, or light gray, for their BattleMechs. On parade, they always appear with their 'Mechs painted gray with white striping.[3]

Units of the Galedon Regulars[edit]

The Galedon Regulars feature both BattleMech Regiments and Conventional Regiments[4].


  • The 2nd Regulars were destroyed during FC civil war.
  • The 4th Regulars were destroyed during the 1st Succession War.
  • The 7th Regulars were destroyed during the 1st Succession War.
  • The 8th Regulars were disbanded 3050s.
  • The 9th Regulars were disbanded 2nd Succession War.
  • The 10th Regulars were formed from remnants of SLDF forces in 2785.
  • The 12th Regulars were destroyed on Galedon)[6]
  • The 16th Regulars were destroyed 3070s, rebuilt by Dark Age era.
  • The 17th Regulars were destroyed 3062.
  • The 29th Regulars were destroyed during the 1st Succession War.
  • The 31st Regulars were destroyed during the 1st Succession War; rebuilt later.
  • The 32nd Regulars were destroyed on Imbros III.[6]
  • The 34th Regulars were disbanded.
  • The 37th Regulars were destroyed during the 1st Succession War.
  • The 42nd Regulars deserted.[6]

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]


Reunification War[edit]

  • The Galedon Regulars gain a +1 bonus on all physical attack To-hit rolls.[7]
  • The Galedon Regulars will not break, and are not subject to forced withdrawal rules.[7]
  • The Galedon Regulars receive a -1 penalty to any rolls made to determine the availability of advanced components, replacements and supplies.[7]


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