Gall Wasp

Gall Wasp
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Leopard


The Gall Wasp was an Leopard-class DropShip operated by the mercenary unit known as the Killer Bees. The Gall Wasp and her sister ship, the Hornet's Nest, were involved in three separate raids on Tukayyid in 3068 as the Killer Bees attempted to extract both their own dependents and surviving personnel and dependents from the 21st Centauri Lancers and the 1st Royal BattleMech Regiment trapped behind the Word of Blake blockade of the planet. With the Hornet's Nest landing on the planet to evacuate people, the Gall Wasp engaged in efforts to distract and divert the attention of Blakist WarShips enforcing the blockade above the planet.[1]

The Gall Wasp was still in service with the Killer Bees until at least late 3071.[1]


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