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Gamma Galaxy (Clan Snow Raven)

CSR Gamma Galaxy Insignia
Gamma Galaxy
Nickname The Hawkshead Galaxy
Affiliation Clan Snow Raven
Parent Command Clan Snow Raven touman

Gamma Galaxy lost front-line status due to losses taken in pre-Invasion Trials against Clan Coyote;[1] it regained front-line status in the 3060s.[2]


Late 3082 saw the Third Proserpina Hussars attack Weisau in the first reprisal assaults for the earlier Raven campaign in the Galedon District. Delta Galaxy's Sixth Raven Regulars and Gamma's Twelfth Raven Garrison successfully repulsed the Kuritan attack but at a high price to the Twelfth.[3] The Second Dieron Regulars hit Weisau again 3083 and at least one source claims that this battle cost the Raven touman "the loss of a Cluster."[4]

Putting together a clear picture of the actions and outcomes during 3083 is difficult as a result of contradictory reporting from both sides. One regiment of the Galedon Regulars assaulted Valentina and claimed to have destroyed the Twelfth Raven Garrison Cluster.[5] However, Raven reports claim that the Third Raven Auxiliaries used superior aerospace forces to defeat the invaders on Valentina.[6] Both sides agree that a second Regulars regiment attacked the 100th Raven Battle Cluster on Budingen and subsequently withdrew, but they disagree on which Kuritan regiment attacked and the effectiveness of the assault. Following the Kuritans' withdrawal from Budingen, Gamma Galaxy was pulled back to the Alliance core worlds for repair and refit.[6]

By 3110, Gamma Galaxy had become the heaviest user of ProtoMechs in the Snow Raven touman, and was the first unit to receive deliveries of the new Hippogriff ProtoMech. The Third Raven Auxiliaries were the first subunit of Gamma Galaxy to test the Hippogriff in combat when they clashed with a reconnaissance force from the ManMangler mercenary unit on Milligan's World. A contingent from the ManManglers – apparently in the employ of the Draconis Combine – was intercepted by a Binary from the Auxiliaries. The Auxiliaries force consisted of a mixture of Chrysaor 2s, Hippogriffs and Rocs, and intercepted the mercenaries on the Doone Plains, where the Raven ProtoMechs quickly outjumped the mercenary APCs and light 'Mechs, who retreated after losing two 'Mechs and most of their infantry.[7]

In 3144, Gamma Galaxy sent two Clusters to take Inner End. After moving all noncombatants to Inner End's cities, the Ravens were able to quickly crush the resistance movement started by the Federated Suns defenders. Gamma then left Inner End and landed on Hazelhurst and started to use similar policies to bring the world under Raven Alliance control.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Gamma Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Tristen Crow 30613067[1][9]
Galaxy Commander Basil Magnus 3085[10]
Galaxy Commander Luis Siegel 3145[11]

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]




  • Third Raven Auxiliaries[12]
  • Twelfth Raven Garrison[12]
  • 100th Raven Battle Cluster[12]




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