Gardner Riis

Gardner Riis
Born 3002
Affiliation Comstar
Profession Precentor Rasalhague[1]

Gardner Riis served as Precentor Rasalhague, advocate Precentor on the First Circuit and overseeing command of all ComStar Hyperpulse Generators in the Free Rasalhague Republic.


Born in the Draconis Combine's Rasalhague Military District, Gardner Riis joined the ComStar order during the Third Succession War. Thanks to his language skills, particularly in Swedish and Swedenese, Adept Riis would become a major linguist in ComStar's Language and Code Intelligence Division. Riis would catch the notice of Myndo Waterly as she laid the groundwork for Operation ROSEBUD, with the young linguist becoming a devoted follower of her aggressive and extremist views.[2] [3] [4]

Following Operation ROSEBUD and the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic, the creation of the new realm required the selection of a Precentor to represent that new state in the First Circuit. Though technically the entire First Circuit was entitled to elect this representative, Waterly used the Capital Preference clause in ComStar law to state that it must be offered to Precentor in command of the capital world of that realm and that she had selected Gardner Riis as the new Precentor Rasalhague. Precentor Tharkad Ulthan Everson and Precentor New Avalon Huthrin Vandel argued that youthful Riis was too inexperienced for the First Circuit, but Waterly proceeded over their objections. Formally accepting the post in 3041, Riis' selection ensured that the political balance of the First Circuit tipped firmly in Primus Waterly's favor.[2] [4]

In January 3052, Gardner Riis continued to hold the position of Precentor Rasalhague.[1] During the Clan Invasion, Riis was instrumental in negotiations between the rapidly shrinking Republic and ComStar to secretly use the sleepy world of Tukayyid for a climatic confrontation between the Invading Clans toumans and ComStar's Com Guards.[5]

Losing faith with Waterly in response to Operation SCORPION, Riis remained with the secular ComStar and continued to hold the position of advocate Precentor for the remaining worlds of the Free Rasalhague Republic. Riis also proposed Reformation Act IV, forming the new Stellar Relations department to send good-will ambassadors of Demi-Precentor or Precentor rank on tours of the Great House governments offering education, cultural and military exchanges.[6]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Precentor Rasalhague

Succeeded by


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