Gareth Dinesen

Gareth Dinesen
AffiliationHouse Dinesen
Title(s)Count of Chapultepec
Position(s)Margrave of Melissia Theater

Gareth Dinesen is the Margrave of the Melissia Theater and known as being the loyal opposition to Tharkad.


Using the life of his grandfather, Olaf Dinesen, as a template on how he should grow up, Gareth was able to rise though the ranks of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. Gareth would exceed what his grandfather had done by being appointed to the rank of Margrave of the Melissia Theater by Archon Melissa Steiner herself.[1]

Gareth used his new position to build his influence which he used to instigate the coup which dethroned Melissa in 3141. Unfortunately, Gareth soured quickly on her replacement and became an advocate for Melissa to regain her throne in 3143. Along with the other military commanding officers, they desired someone that they chose to take the throne after Melissa's death, however, the Estates General thwarted their effort by granting her last wish of having Trillian Steiner take the throne.[1]

Even with Trillian as the Archon, Gareth continues to agitate against the wishes of Tharkad believing that whoever sits on the throne is unsuitable for the position.[1]


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