Garmen Kerensky

Garmen Kerensky
Character Profile
Also known as Yama, Wulfgar
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Republic of the Sphere
Rank Star Captain
Profession Elemental
Spouse Satinka (lover)
Brenda Winter (wife)
Children Andery Winter[1]

Garmen Kerensky was an Elemental trueborn of Clan Wolf, who led a secret and daring mission to Strana Mechty during the Jihad.


Garmen was a ristar in Clan Wolf, from the Andery Kerensky Bloodname. In the sibko, he was close with his sibkin Satinka, until she failed her Trial of Position.

On 8 April 3071 he attended a secret meeting with the Wolf Khan Vlad Ward while in orbit above Strana Mechty. There, the Khan informed him of the Scouring of Tamar, and his plan to leave the Clan Homeworlds and move all its Clan assets to the Inner Sphere.[2]

To realize it, he had planned what he called Operation DAMOCLES II, a three-part plan. Garmen had to take a key part in the second phase, Operation Kopis, and lead the third: Operation Spatha. Essentially, Garmen had to lead a Star of the Wolf Watch and warriors passing as laborers, to infiltrate the Katyusha City Blood Chapels, protecting the Kerensky and Winson legacies and collecting info to facilitate their retrieval. Spatha's objective was to infiltrate the McKenna's Pride and steal Aleksandr Kerensky's coffin.[3]

The infiltration was initially a complete success. As their cache had a full Trinary of second-line BattleMechs, and many other weapons, they began selling them, winning a good reputation as arms dealers. On 10 July 3071, during an arms deal, a man named Balbas presented them to his boss, a white masked woman, the legendary Zimnyaya Ledi, or Winter Lady. She recognized Garmen, now calling himself Yama, as a Wolf warrior. In a subsequent firefight, she removed her mask, and revealed herself as Satinka. Despite both sides' mistrust, they began working together. Garmen and Satinka began sleeping together.[4] Thanks to Satinka's people, Garmen's people completed their missions effectively, even obtaining a DropShip, the Botany Bay.[5]

Spatha was launched on 3 December 3071, but the plan fell apart due to the confusion of Operation Kopis. Several Clans fought in the streets and riots delayed Garmen's plans. Upon arriving at the Botany Bay, the DropShip had already been destroyed by an aerospace fighter, along with the point of Elementals onboard. Garmen was forced to retreat and reassess the operation.[6]

Garmen managed to reunite with Satinka after almost two weeks. The mayhem had affected her plans as well. She told him than she had lost dozens of her enforcers, and the Guild she led was in shambles. With common enemies and shared goals, Satinka and Garmen allied to gather resources and strengthen their position. Over four years, Garmen's men acted as enforcers for Satinka's group, training her people and eliminating rivals. Thanks to this, she became the most powerful Dark Caste leader in the city, and the Winter Lady had become an urban legend.[7]

On 9 August 3075, at Satinka's suggestion, she and Garmen recruited Stas, an old Wolf warrior of Kerensky bloodline. They offered him a mission to lead a suicide attack against the Space Control Center. Very resentful against the Grand Council, he agreed, and personally recruited and trained a full Trinary of multi-Clan volunteers: they would become known as Retribution Wraiths.[8]

Their Dark Caste activities inevitably drew attention from Strana Mechty security. On 30 August, Garmen and Satinka were attacked by the Katyusha Keshik and the Ebon Keshik forces. Thanks to a warning, they managed to shoot their way out. Their escape only reinforced both Keshiks' determination to capture them, despite their ignorance of "Yama's" true identity. [9]

Garmen's people went to into hiding, as Satinka's people awaited their opportunity to strike. The Dark Caste members wanted to escape the Clan Homeworlds with Garmen's people's help. Finally, after the Annihilation of Clan Steel Viper, the McKenna's Pride returned to Strana Mechty. On 5 April 3076, Operation Spatha was finally launched.[10]

Several technicians sabotaged the other DropShips in the spaceport, and the Wraiths began Operation Pilum, the attack on the Space Control Center. Garmen's people boarded the DropShip McKenna's Honor, which supplied the McKenna's Pride. To hide their real identity, Garmen presented himself as Star Captain Wulfgar of the Steel Viper Ghosts. After killing any Ebon Keshik Warrior who resisted, the Wolves and Dark Caste members imprisoned the rest in a bunker, and departed the planet in the Honor. They boarded the Pride without being detected, and quickly and easily took the WarShip's key points. The original plan, to steal Aleksandr's coffin and flee in the Honor, would took too much time, so Garmen changed the plan: they will steal the Pride and flee with it.[11] After threatening to vent their compartments to space, Garmen convinced the remaining Pride's crew to escape the ship in escape pods, and the Pride left orbit.

The Grand Council made every effort to stop or delay them: aerospace fighters, boarding DropShips, even other WarShips. After a long pursuit, and the sacrifice of the McKenna's Honor, the Pride jumped out system. Spatha II had been a success.[12]

Return to the Inner Sphere[edit]

In the unnamed system to which it had jumped, the Pride rendezvoused with three Dark Caste JumpShips and forty DropShips crewed by Satinka's people. They intended to migrate to the Inner Sphere.

Together, they traveled the Exodus Road. During the trip, Satinka and Garmen had a child, whom they named Andery. Before reaching Wolf Clan territory, Satinka and Andery separated from Garmen and the Pride. They, and the Dark Caste fleet, departed for points unknown. On 11 June 3077, Garmen reunited with Vlad Ward, concealing the existence of Satinka and her people from the Khan.[1]

Ward was surprised and impressed by Garmen's trophy. After five years away from the Clan, the Khan could not justify their absence. To camouflage their arrival, and to hide from the rest of the Clan the Pride's existence, Vlad sent Garmen's surviving men to join a Wolf Star in Stone's Coalition under Garmen's command. The Khan ordered them to keep secret all they had accomplished, and had the Pride hidden in the Dark Nebula.[13][14]

Later Years and Legacy[edit]

Garmen's unit was heavily involved in the latter stages of the Jihad after which he served in the Republic Armed Forces for two decades, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. During that time he became a Republic citizen and married a merchant named Brenda Winter (a likely pseudonym for Satinka). He worked in her business in his retirement. The couple raised a son, Andery Winter, who was still running the family business in 3150.[14]


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