Garner Kerensky

Garner Kerensky
Died7 March 3151[1]
AffiliationClan Wolf

Garner Kerensky was a Clan Wolf saKhan in the thirty-second century.


Garner Kerensky was a Clan Wolf warrior and member of the Kerensky Bloodhouse. On an unknown date he won his Bloodname and by 3134 became his Clan's saKhan under the command of Khan Seth Ward. He participated in his Clan's migration to Lyran Commonwealth space and in Operation HAMMERFALL, the invasion by the Wolves and Lyrans of the former Free Worlds League space.

In 3143, while Khan Seth Ward led three Galaxies on the assault on Tharkad, Garner led three reserve Galaxies through Lyran and Republic Remnant space until reaching the border of Fortress Republic.[2]

After Seth Ward was murdered in Tharkad in 3143, Garner been tasked by Khan Seth Ward to oversee training warriors, in which he succeed, greatly increasing the new warriors survival. Alaric Ward ordered him the same work, and also to better equip and train solahma warriors.[3]

Kerensky kept his position of saKhan until the year 3145 when he was replaced by Anastasia Kerensky in unknown circumstances.[4]

Garner's mysterious disappearance has drawn speculation in-universe. It was speculated than Garner may have died in an accident, resigned his position, or been killed in a duel with Anastasia Kerensky. The true reason and the reason the Wolves are keeping quiet about it remain a mystery.[4] In fact, the reality was much less dramatic: Garner was alive, and seemed to have step down as saKhan, by his own will or under orders of Alaric. In fact, it appears he still had Alaric Ward's trust, as the year 3150, the Wolf Khan mentioned him having returned to realize a mission outside the Wolf Empire territory.[5]

The reality, however, was very simple: Alaric Ward had made Garner "disappear" by sending him on a secret mission to recover the legendary WarShip McKenna's Pride, hidden years earlier in the Dark Nebula. Operation ICON was a success. Afterwards, Garner's team carried the ancient WarShip to Wolf territory, where Alaric declared the vessel his command ship. Immediately afterward, Garner regained his post of saKhan, leading the Wolf assault on Terra.[6]

During the assault on Terra, Garner initially served under Alaric's command, but after landing in Asia, they were separated: the Khan led one army to America while Garner led another force, composed by Alpha and Iota galaxies, toward Europe. On 21 February, he led the assault on the Volga redoubt, where he was close to defeating the Republic's garrison when Alaric arrived with his forces as reinforcements. Regardless, the Khan congratulated Garner for his strategy and victory.[7]


The Wolves were in Europe when, on 7 March, they suffered a headhunting assault by units posing as Jade Falcons while the Falcons suffered another attack by false Wolves, all in an attempt to turn both Clans against each other. Garner was killed in combat.[8]


Garner's original 'Mech was said to have been a Timber Wolf, but during the Terra's campaign, it required a full refit, so he replaced it with a Blood Reaper.[9]


If you are looking for a 'yes man' or a blind sycophant, I am not that person.
  — Garner with Alaric Ward, 3149


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