Garret Sainze

Garret Sainze
Garret Sainze.jpg
DiedSeptember 3071[2]
AffiliationKindraa Sainze,
Clan Fire Mandrill
RankKindraa Leader,
Khan of Clan Fire Mandrill,

Garret Sainze was a Khan of Clan Fire Mandrill who briefly served as ilKhan of the Clans. His tenure ultimately resulted in the destruction of Kindraa Sainze and the eventual death of his Clan.


Early life[edit]

A member of Kindraa Sainze, Garret was a Star Captain and a ristar during Clan Fire Mandrill's attempts to secure an invasion corridor for Operation REVIVAL. During this period his impressive combat record was countered by the large number of Trials of Grievance and Refusal declared against him, often caused by his own rash decisions and impulsive behavior.[3][1] Though Sainze grew somewhat more thoughtful with age and rank, he never truly overcame his impulsive nature.[3]

Despite this, Sainze rose to become head of his Kindraa in 3053, and saKhan of his Clan two years later.[1] During his time as saKhan he generally voted in line with the Homeworld Crusader agenda, but would abstain or vote otherwise as requested by his Khan, Amanda Carrol.[3]

Sainze also suffered from severe headaches that would lead to minor blackouts, usually the result of dealing with the Mandrill's fractious Clan Council. Multiple challenges were declared against Sainze because of this, but they ended after he slew Star Captain Martha Payne with a spectacular one-shot kill.[1]

Khan of Clan Fire Mandrill[edit]

When Amanda Carrol resigned in 3066 after suffering a vote of no confidence as Khan, Sainze appeared certain to replace her but was repeatedly frustrated by the efforts of other Kindraa to prevent this. Only after a convoluted series of Trials and mergers between Kindraa, and the support of Clan Blood Spirit, would Sainze finally secure the Khanship, though divested of any real power.[4]

In December 3067, when the Grand Council assembled to discuss the news of the Second Star League's collapse, Blood Spirit saKhan Troy Boques nominated Sainze as a potential candidate for the post of ilKhan. Being amongst the many Khans surprised by this, Sainze himself completely failed to impress the Council. With three Khans being nominated for the ilKhanship, none received enough votes for the post.[5] Other Khans had named him simply to polarize the Grand Council and discern political leanings, but Sainze viewed the matter differently. In his mind, the nomination was proof not only of his effective leadership of the Mandrills but also that, if he could manage so fractious an assembly as the Fire Mandrill Kindraa, then he had the capacity to lead the Clans as a whole. As a result, Sainze spent the rest of his life pursuing this goal.[1]

As fighting in the Clan Homeworlds increased during 3069, and inter-Kindraa strife threatened the Clan's very survival, Sainze and Loremaster Cassandra Faraday called for a Clan Council on Shadow. Intending to promote Clan unity, the Council superficially achieved its goal. But beneath this façade, the fractures within Clan Fire Mandrill continued to grow.[6]

Sainze would subsequently rebuff overtures from Clan Coyote in favor of building his own small power bloc in the Grand Council with the Blood Spirits and Goliath Scorpions. When the Coyotes instead made a deal with Kindraa Mattila-Carrol that netted them an enclave on Shadow, Sainze oversaw a month of brutal fighting and the loss of over twenty Bloodnamed Mandrill warriors before grudgingly admitting defeat. However, with Kindraa Payne-Beyl-Grant falling into dishonor following a failed series of attacks on Coyote holdings, Kindraa Sainze was able to claim the ilKindraaship by March 3070.[7]

Sainze also negotiated a deal with the Diamond Sharks, in which the Mandrills would receive the Sharks' enclaves and storehouses on Barcella in exchange for several JumpShips and cargo DropShips. Also part of the deal was Shark saKhan Angus Labov's promise to support Sainze's bid for the ilKhanship. The arrangement greatly benefited the Sharks, who gained nearly a third of the Mandrills' transport assets, but the Mandrills would later pay a severe price for this with a transportation shortage.[8]

Brief reign as ilKhan[edit]

When the next Grand Council was convened in late February, 3071, the severity of the Blakist assault upon Clan Wolf's capital Tamar spurred the Clans into electing a new ilKhan. The Star Adders and Steel Vipers suggested Garret Sainze for the post, not because they believed him fit for the role but simply to make their own candidate, Star Adder Khan Stanislov N'Buta, appear as a sane choice next to the fiery and headstrong Mandrill. Sainze won the ilKhanship anyway; his shocking victory was due to a single vote, that of Diamond Shark Khan Barbara Sennet, who wanted to prevent the "Snake Alliance" from dominating the Grand Council.[9]

Sainze's first (and as it turned out, last) motion as ilKhan was to address the issue of the Great Refusal. Furious at the foiling of their plans, the Adder Khans led their power bloc in voting to uphold the results; combined with abstentions from Clans concerned about arousing the Adders' wrath, the Great Refusal remained in place. Disgusted at the entire political circus taking place, Scorpion Khan Ariel Suvorov declared a Trial of Refusal against Sainze's election as ilKhan, declaring him an incompetent leader with delusions of glory.[10]


With no choice but to accept or lose what little respect he had left, Sainze met Suvorov's forces on Shadow. In a three-day campaign, four Clusters from the Fire Mandrills battled a like number of Goliath Scorpions; by the end of the fighting Sainze had perished, along with most of his Kindraa's warriors.[11] With barely a few days in the role, Sainze thus had the dubious distinction of being the second shortest-lived ilKhan, after Elias Crichell.


After his demise, Clan Cloud Cobra issued a Trial of Reaving on Sainze's Bloodname, citing his failure as ilKhan and in defending his right to the post. In a narrow victory Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline-Sainze managed to defend Garret Sainze's legacy from Reaving.[12] But this posthumous victory for Sainze was soon rendered moot. Though he did not live to see it, Sainze's downfall also heralded that of his Clan. In just four years following Sainze's death, Clan Fire Mandrill would be destroyed piecemeal in the chaos that engulfed the Clan Homeworlds.


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