Garret SatComm

Garret SatComm
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Dalton
Primary Products Electronics

Garret SatComm is one of the largest suppliers of electronic equipment to the Free Worlds League Military. They have also branched out into a few selected civilian applications.


Garret SatComm has been producing high quality targeting and tracking systems for the Free Worlds League for many years. In fact, the quality of its products are known throughout the Inner Sphere, making their products popular with every military force. In recent years they have expanded beyond their customary products and started building ECM Suites, Target Acquisition Gear, and Active Probes. These devices have kept Garret SatComm at the pinnacle of the industry.[1]

Rather than relax at the top of the industry, Garret has been pouring money into new research and development projects. They're known to have worked on sensors used in the Mimetic Armor used by the Purifier Adaptive power armor, and reliable reports suggest that they've been a key player in creating the sensor suites used by the FWLM WarShips.[1]

In the civilian sector, Garret created the "Neptune Network" on Dalton. This network of seismic sensors has been gathering data since 3058, and volcanologists and geologists have been poring over the information. The goal of this project is to identify why Dalton's extensive earthquake and volcanic activity stopped in 2500. The team hopes to discover if the earthquakes were a fluke event or part of an as-yet-unidentified cycle that will bring more earthquakes to the world in the future.


The CEO in 3067 is Mathias Lauber. Though he is Thomas Marik's cousin, nepotism doesn't have anything to do with the extensive contracts from the Free Worlds League. Garret's products are simply the best.[1]


Garret SatComm has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


The Dalton plant took no damage during the Jihad and was operating at full speed in 3079.[2]

Components produced on Dalton:[3]
Component Type
Communications System
Datacom 26 Stinger[3]
Datacom 50 Cicada[3]
Garret T10B Locust[3]
Garret T11-A Rifleman[3]
Garret T11-b Wolverins, Crusader and Marauder[3]
Garret T12E Quickdraw[3]
Garret T19-G Awesome[3]
Neil 2000 [citation needed]
Neil 6000 Phoenix Hawk and Griffin[3]
Neil 8000 Thunderbold[3]
Neil 9000 Shadowhawk and Archer[3]
Targeting-Tracking System
Garret A6 Crusader[3]
Garret A99 [citation needed]
Garret D2j Rifleman and Partisan[3]
Garret T11b Woverine[3]
Garret Mole [citation needed]
Guardian ECM Suite
Garret-Guardian Interface 2B [citation needed]


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