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Character Profile
Also known as "The Ghost Jaguar"
Died 3062
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Blackstar Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

Garret was a Smoke Jaguar warrior before becoming a Solaris VII MechWarrior.


The life of Garret as a Clan Smoke Jaguar MechWarrior is not known.

After Operation BULLDOG Garret could not follow his Clan back to his homeworld, and he ended up on Solaris with a clan OmniMech. He was hired by Drew Hasek-Davion and placed in the arenas. He fought well at first, full of fire and fury, but when he learned of the extinction of his clan he lost his drive and motivation.

Career on Solaris VII[edit]

Garrett hated the resurrected Star League but knowing he could not hate the full Inner Sphere he focused his hatred in all Kuritan things, and this was the main thrust of many of his matches.

In October 3060 he fought a match against Jamie Ferrero[1]

He rose quickly through the ranks, but after losing his focus he dropped just as quickly. His defeat to Kasigi Mihabu knocked him out of the top twenty. [2] He had dreams of seeing a Clan stable, fighting under its own crest. He piloted a Mad Dog, but it was in a poor condition, described as a battle ruined shell. [3]

On August 15th, 3062 open warfare broke out within Solaris City when the city's respective faction-divided stables began fighting one another. Taking his chance Garret killed Champion Theodore Gross with an autocannon shot from his Mad Dog on the waiting zone of Ishiyama and took control of Gross' pristine Warhawk.[4] He then went on a run through Kobe Waterfront issuing a challenge to single combat, and defeating five 'Mechs in a row. As the fighting continued he led a few ex-Jaguars who took control of Founders Bridge defending it against Combine MechWarriors in a line of death strategy. [5] This earned him the name "The Ghost Jaguar" – the avenging spirit of his Clan. [6]

Caught in petty politics of the game world Hasek-Davion tried to get him to kill Michael Searcy, but was himself killed before he could do this by an old rival Karl Edwards. [7]


In 3062 he piloted a Mad Dog in poor state of repair after a year and a half of fights in Solaris.[8]

After killing Gross while he goes to his own 'Mech, Garret stole his Warhawk, piloting it until his death.



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